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Season 13, Episode 8

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In the elimination room, Chris votes for Chism. She had apparently promised Daphne that she'd never vote for her, and wanted to stick to that promise. Everyone else votes for Daphne, obviously. Daphne isn't surprised. Sami asks if she has any regrets about switching up Jeremy and Conda, and Daphne says she does not. She claims that she both defended and avenged her brother. And then fucking Conda has to pipe in about how she doesn't hold grudges and wants to be an example for her daughter. Yeah, she's been a stellar one so far if her kid is training for the 2024 Pain in the Ass Olympics. Daphne says that she's trying to be drama-free, and if Conda doesn't pipe down she's going to say something. Something very nasty, apparently. Oh, these two. I wish we could send them both home. Cassandra tries to pipe in, and Sami calms everyone down by saying this is a rift that will not heal and sending Daphne on her way.

Daphne tells us that she was real and true to herself during her time on the ranch, and has no regrets. Being with Bob made her feel like she can do anything she wants in this life. She's happy to leave, though. Net time we see Daphne, she'll be drama-free and on her way to being the at-home winner. Daphne started at 271 pounds, and now weighs an even 200. She looks great! Daphne reminds us that she has a heart condition called atrial fibrillation, and even lives with her parents in case something happens to her. Before going to the ranch, she was on three medications for her condition, and now she's only on one. She's moving into her own place, and is ecstatic. And so are her kids! Daphne says that her new home represents freedom, independence, and a new chapter in her life. Her adorable kids tell us about how they love their new home and big backyard, and Daphne thanks The Biggest Loser for giving her this opportunity. Daphne's atrial fibrillation is under control, and she hopes to be off her CPAP machine by the finale.

Next week: The contestants head home!

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