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Season 13, Episode 9

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The Five Percent Solution

The challenge begins! The contestants row in their houses as their friends and families cheer them on. Emily is pegged as a strong competitor, and Chism is confident in his own skills as well as his dad's. At the 3,000 meter mark, Chism is in first place. Kim holds tight in second. At about the halfway mark, Chris gets a cramp and has to take a break. Conda's fatigue comes in at 4,000 meters, and she decides to cheer Jeremy on if she's forced to slow down. Kim has burning legs and hand callouses, but she's not stopping. At half an hour in, Chism is still in the lead with Mark in a close second, and Kim and Emily both are still contenders. People are VERY tired. Sadly, we're going to have to wait for the weigh-in to find out who won.

After a break, the contestants have their own version of temptation challenges, but with no actual prizes. Emily visits a tremendous and fancy local sweet shop, with lovely French macaroons staring out at her from behind their glass cases. Buddy's weakness is fast food. A man after my own heart, he quite enjoys Taco Bell. Buddy decides to pick up a few bags of crap food, including a chili-dog and cheese fries. Oh my God, do I want cheese fries. Nature's perfect food! Buddy smells this stuff in the most erotic way possible, but then throws it away. Meanwhile, Emily has realized that life isn't about food, but friendships. Yeah, I don't know. Jeremy heads to his local watering hole and actually orders a water to accompany his pool game. His skinny friends order fried food galore, and I think a little droplet of drool slips down his chin. However, Jeremy avoids temptation -- for now. He doesn't seem super confident in his ability to keep up that trend, I have to say.

Meanwhile, Cassandra struggles with her love of baking -- a love that runs deep in her family. She whips up a batch of cookie dough, and struggles not to eat it. She agrees to let herself have a taste. And then I think she makes chocolate peanut butter blossoms in the toaster oven! Someone call Sonja Morgan! Cassandra decides to allow herself one cookie, and savors the hell out of it. And then she shills for multi-grain Cheerios and takes one of her nine brothers and sisters to the gym with her. Back in Texas, Chism sings with his band. He has a pretty nice voice, and also a girlfriend! Who sings in the band! The band is maybe a little terrible. Or maybe not? It's hard to say. Chism had a leg injury at one time that he used as an excuse for not being as active as his friends. But this is the era of no excuses! So now he plays ultimate Frisbee. Mark plays too!

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