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Season 13, Episode 9

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The Five Percent Solution

We then check in with Kim, two days before the weigh-in. Kim's three kids hang out with her and give her only minor guilt trips. But they love her and want her to be healthy. And she loves them too! Buddy also says goodbye to his ginger kids, and there are many more family partings. Chris sheds no tears at leaving her shanty shack. Chism leaves his band, hopefully with instructions to practice more while he's away.

And then we're back on the ranch! Bob greets his Black Team. I'm sure he was glad to have the break. Maybe he had vacation days he had to use and that's what prompted the 18-days at home. Dolvett welcomes back his Red Team, and everyone gets very nervous about the beatings in store. The Red Team suffers in the gym, while Bob's team works out in the new Biggest Loser playground. He wants them to maim each other with giant balls. And then suddenly Chris is having a seizure or something on the ground. Everyone but Bob seems to be alarmed, but eventually Bob calls for a medic. It's just protocol, though -- mostly he thinks she's full of shit. And then Chris actually is fine, just like Bob predicted. Bob tells his team members to constantly visualize their goal numbers. Dolvett does the same. He pulls Kim aside for a one-on-one, noting that she looks distracted. Kim admits that she did have a hard time at home, given the time that she wanted to spend with her kids. Dolvett asks if he should be worried, and Kim nods. She's not confident that she hit 10 pounds, and tells him that she didn't figure it out at home. Dolvett tells her to strive for balance, but wonders if his advice has come too late.

Finally, it's weigh-in time. First, Sami announces the winner of the rowing challenge. It's Chism! He beat second-place Mark by only seven seconds, and gets $10,000. The Red Team weighs in first. Buddy goes from 317 to 294, for a whopping loss of 23 pounds! He met his 5% target and then some. Buddy says that he put on 100 pounds since his daughter died six years ago, and is now back to where he was before she passed. Everyone is very moved, and Sami gives him a big hug. Buddy is also the first player this season to lose 100 pounds. Jeremy is next, and goes from 309 to 289, for a loss of 20 pounds. He's also hit his 5% target plus. Kimmy goes from 179 to 169, for a loss of 10 pounds. This means she also has immunity. Mark goes from 226 to 215, for a loss of 11 pounds. Sadly, he's one pound away from his target. Mark is disappointed that he won't have immunity, but is mighty proud to be down to 215 pounds. Dolvett praises Mark for "getting it." Finally, there's Kim. She goes from 193 to 186, for a loss of 7 pounds. She also didn't meet her target and does not have immunity. Dolvett agrees with Kim that her number is disappointing, but notes that there was a lot going on with her during the 18 days away. The Red Team lost 71 pounds, or 5.8% overall.

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