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The next four contestants then emerge! First is Francie, who is just lovely, followed by T.C. I...don't really remember him. It happens sometimes. Okay, often, in my case. And hey! It's Michael! He looks great and has a killer smile to go with his shiny suit. And then there's Cate, who also doesn't seem to have worked particularly hard at home. Where are all the freakishly emaciated people? That is what your fans demand! T.C. cries about his kids, which still doesn't spark my memory about who he is. They could have just slipped him in to test us. Michael gets a few words in, but Ali has to rush us to commercial before either of the ladies can talk.

After commercials, we get montages and weigh-ins. Francie carried a lot of baggage from the death of her father, but Dr. Phillian helped her work through it. She started at 267, and now weighs 172, for a loss of 95 pounds! That's 35.58%, and Francie takes the lead from Alex. Then there's T.C. who has a whole mess of kids, one of whose skull he almost crushed in a car accident. He started at 376 and now weighs 266, for a loss of 110 pounds or 29.26%. It's not enough to take the lead from Francie, but impressive nonetheless. And then Michael, yay! We are reminded that he has a cute little baby boy, and didn't want to leave his son fatherless. He started at 444 pounds, and now weighs 308, for a loss of 136 pounds. That's 30.68%. And...isn't it wild that he still weighs 308 pounds? What a delightful person, though -- hopefully he'll continue the losing trend. And then there was Cate. She was... kind of nondescript. Maybe a little crazy? But not as crazy as Pam. She started at 237 pounds, and now weighs 173. That's a loss of 64 pounds, or 27.0%, and Francelina maintains her lead.

The next four contestants come out. They are Lisa, who actually WORKED at this shit and looks amazing. She's got GUNS. And then there's police officer David, also looking great; Gina, the craziest of them all; and Joe, being played by Craig T. Nelson. Lisa notes that her husband has lost 70 pounds, because they are a collective force of awesomeness. David talks about the importance of his family support, and neglects to mention the suit that makes him look like a crooked politician from the '70s.

More montages and weigh-ins! Lisa was the greatest, the end. She has to lose more than 87 pounds to best Francie. Lisa goes from the starting weight of 246 pounds to 137, for a loss of 108 pounds. THAT is what I'm talking about - a cool 43.9%! Dolvett is all about it. We revisit David's relationship with his seven kids, including that with his daughter Tiffany, who has Rett syndrome. David started at 307 pounds, and now weighs 205 for a loss of 102 pounds or 33.22%. So Lisa maintains her winning position. You guys remember Gina, who was (and likely still is) cray-cray. To take the lead from Lisa, she'll need to have lost more than 107 pounds. Gina looks completely panicked as she readies herself for the weigh in. She started at 245 pounds, and now weighs 132 -- that's a loss of 113 pounds or 46.12%. Aw, man, I was really rooting for Lisa. I have a feeling she could have used the $100,000. Bob reminds us of his many entertaining "conversations" with Gina, but gives her mad props for losing almost half of her body weight. Finally, we have Joe, the ex-football player. To beat out Gina and win the $100,000 prize, Joe needs to have lost more than 167 pounds. He started at 364 and now weighs 217, for a loss of 147 pounds. That means Gina wins the at-home prize! She seems pleased, and I suppose she did earn it despite being painted as a quasi-villain for part of the season.

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