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Oh Danni Girl

And then there's Danni. Jillian dumped a bucket of water on her head, and in unrelated news Danni kicked ass at everything. She won basically all the challenges, and consistently had impressive numbers on the scale. Danni comes out, and holy cow! She's like a bodybuilder! But not in a gross way. She literally looks like a different person, though part of that is her crazy cockatiel hair. Danni cries, because she is SO HUNGRY. She wants to hug Jillian, but Jillian tells her to WAIT, because a moment is about to happen and Jillian only wants to hug her in a shower of confetti.

Before we get to said confetti moment, Ali thanks Dr. Joanna and Dr. Huizenga, who are in the audience, despite the fact that they are reliably the worst part of the show (not counting the product placement). And then we check in with Sunny! She was a big smartie who dreamed of getting into her perfect prom dress and also worried about the health of her mother. Sunny emerges in said prom dress, which is sparkly and pink. She looks really beautiful, and Ali notes that she's lost 51 pounds and is running 5Ks. She's excited for her future, and tells the kids out there that with a step in the right direction and perseverance, they too can rock the sparkly dresses. All of the kids come on stage and are joined by the trainers. And really, if they would just focus the finale of this show could be taken care of in a cool 13 minutes.

But before we get to the weigh-in of the finalists, we visit with Subway's very own Jared, who is on hand to announce that Courtney from Season 11has been chosen to star in a Subway commercial with him. And...well. It appears that Courtney has not exaaaaactly kept up with her fitness routine since leaving the show. That's a little awkward.

And FINALLY we get to the weigh-in. Jackson is first on the scale. He started the season at 328 pounds, and currently weighs 190. That's a loss of 138 pounds, or 42.07%! Awww, good for him. Jeff is next, looking rather nervous. He started at 388 pounds, and will need to have lost more than 163 pounds to best Jackson. The scale does its numbers thing, and we learn that Jeff now weighs 207, for a loss of 181 pounds! That's 46.65%, and even beats Gina! Finally, we have Danni, whose eyeliner weighs at least 6 pounds. She started at 258 pounds, and will need to have lost more than 120 pounds. Danni currently weighs 137 pounds, for a loss of 121! She won! By a pound! Jillian get her wish for the confetti hug, Danni cries and thinks about what she'll do with her $250,000 prize, and we all give thanks for this reasonably-sized season.

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