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Season 15, Episode 10

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It Burns, Burns, Burns

We then see Jennifer recovering from her workout in the sports medicine room, and getting emotional about feeling like she's not good enough. Bob walks in and wonders why she's crying. She says she's okay, but feels that she didn't workout like she should have with Bob. Basically, she's mad at herself because she couldn't do the box jump. Bob gives her a, "Bless your heart," and wonders why something like that makes her so upset. Jennifer admits to having negative thoughts, which could send her back into her old ways. The tendency to sabotage herself with negative thoughts is of concern to her, and she tells Bob that she doesn't want to go back to her old life. Bob says that they're fighting something that's been inside of her for years, but it's good to be upfront about what scares her the most and get it out in the open. She'll be stronger and able to manage it, he says, and has to remember how far she's come. Jennifer is ready to choose the good thoughts and believe that she's worth it.

David and Jay then decide that they want some sort of rematch against Rachel, and agree to take it to the pool. The winner will get breakfast in bed. OH, LET ME GUESS FROM WHERE. In shocking news, Jay does not swim in his cowboy hat!

And then… last chance workout! Double elimination pending! Rachel is working out not only to kill this weigh-in, but to train for her triathlon. Hap is concerned, but says he's pushing himself and working out for every second he has until he can get on the scale. Jay tells us that if he loses four pounds this week, he'll hit 100 pounds lost and also be in the 100s. Everyone sweats a whole bunch as they try to avoid the double-sized red line.

And then we're at the weigh-in! Rachel is first on the scale, with her one-pound advantage. She looks a little like Mary-Louise Parker, right? In any case, Rachel goes from 171 to 167 for a loss of 4 pounds. She's happy with that, and hopes that with the one pound added to it, she'll be safe this week. She's lost 2.92%, which is quite respectable. Chelsea is next and goes from 181 to 177. That's 4 pounds or 2.21%. Next is Jay, who is SO much skinnier than he used to be. He goes from 201 to 196 for a loss of 5 pounds or 2.49%. This means he's out of the 200s, and has lost over 100 pounds since he started the show. He's pretty impressed with himself, but in a humble way, and he professes his love for everyone on the show. Jillian assumes that he loves her most and sends him kisses.

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