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Season 15, Episode 11

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Bobby Come Back

Previously: Second chances! Jillian, Dolvett and Bob helped to cast fifteen folks in need of some healthy help. There were tragic stories aplenty, and tragic moans as the trainers gave the contestants beating after beating. Ruben Studdard was involved. And then pounds were shed, joyful reunions with families were had, and triumphs of the spirit were an hourly occurrence. Oh! And Bob came out officially and it was, if unsurprising, totally touching.

With one month left before the live finale, the show wants to make it count in 2014. And so, a twist was added to Matt and Hap's elimination in the last episode, as Ali announced that one booted contestant would have the opportunity to come back. And then they're all there -- Ruben, Fernanda, Craig, Bobby, Holley. And…wait…only seven people have been eliminated so far? This show really knows how to drag out a season. All of the previously eliminated contestants will weigh in, and the one who has the highest percentage of weight lost since the start of the competition will return.

Since Matt and Hap already weighed in, their percentages are thrown up on the board first -- they're 26.12% and 21.59%, respectively. So, Hap's automatically out. Ruben weighs in, and tells Ali that he's been great since he left the ranch. Working out is a part of his schedule now, even while recording his sixth album. He started the competition at 462, and now weighs 377. That's a loss of 85 pounds, or 18.40%. Fine work, but he's out too. Fernanda started the competition at 250 pounds, and now weighs 208, for a loss of 42 pounds or 16.80%. This means that Matt is still the one to beat.

Holley is next, and says she's been happy and lifting lots of heavy weights. She started the competition at 351 pounds, and now weighs 277, for a loss of 74 pounds or 21.08%. So, she's out too. Craig started the competition at 385 pounds and now weighs 307, for a loss of 78 pounds or 20.26%. This means that Matt is still sitting pretty, unless Bobby can best him. And…it's kind of hard not to root for Bobby. He and Bob can have so many gay pep talks if he comes back to the ranch! Bobby tells the group that he came out to his dad, and feels like a burden has been lifted from his shoulders. Ali tears up, and everyone gives him a round of applause. Bobby started the competition at 358 and now weighs 261. That's a loss of 97 pounds, or 27.09%. He did it! Everyone forgets about how sad Matt must be, given how happy they are about Bobby's return. Sorry, Matt! Good showing, though.

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