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Season 15, Episode 13

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The Mirror Has Two Faces

Tanya thanks the contestants, all of whom have changed her life. As for Dolvett, she says that she started off the season with a crush on him, which has now morphed into true love. She's planning to go home and kill it. Marie says that her journey has been amazing, and she's found the woman who she wants to be. She can't wait to go home and start living a glorious life. Both women will get to compete for the at-home prize of $100,000, but they won't be the Biggest Loser. Marie tells us that she's become confident, strong, an athlete, and the person who she always dreamed of being. She's going to miss all the amazing people who were on the ranch, and who really believed in her. Her ultimate goal is to start a family, and that's what kept her motivated throughout the competition. She's ready to be a mom and start a family, and life a wonderful life. Tanya, meanwhile, says that 13 weeks ago she was a woman trying to find her way. Getting through the thoughts about her childhood abuse was tough, and she didn't know that she was being held captive by her own thoughts. Now, she's confident and ready to take on any challenges that come her way. She's got unconditional love, and is praising and celebrating herself and all the love she has to share. The next time we see Tanya, she says, Dolvett will be crushing on HER. The next time we see Marie, this blonde babe -- Marie Pearl -- will be working toward a baby pearl.

With Marie and Tanya gone, Ali congratulates the final five for making it to the last week of the ranch. The next time she sees them will be at the Biggest Loser triathlon. If I were Marie or Tanya, I'd be glad to get out before that happened. Ali reminds the contestants that the winner of the triathlon will be an automatic finalist. Rachel is 100% certain that she's going to win it, and it's hard to doubt her there. Amongst the final four, there will be a red line to send two contestants home. The other two will head to the finals with the winner of the triathlon.

Next week: Double elimination! Triathlon! Trash talking!

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