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Season 15, Episode 14

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Tri, Tri Again

Previously: Tanya and Marie fell below the red line and got the boot, and we were left with our made-over final five. They were staring down a triathlon, the winner of which will get an automatic spot in the finals. Also, Sami is no longer going to be Sami! Just for that, I'm going back to calling her Sami in this recap. As a tribute.

It's the last week on the ranch, and the contestants spend time in the gym with the trainers. Dolvett smiles as he talks about their journeys, while Rachel tells us that the Rachel of week one would be floored at how much progress she's made. David reminisces about how in week one, defeat was a word in his vocabulary. Now he's strong and beardless, and has unearthed the heart of a warrior. How do you like me now, he asks? I mean, okay I guess. Jennifer remembers being scared on the first day, but now she's excited about working out. This has become her life. Chelsea in week one didn't know just how far she'd come, and is now much stronger, more positive, and happier. Bobby remembers hitting rock bottom in the first week, and says that it's nice now to feel strong.

Bob tells Chelsea that he always knew she was a diamond in the rough. She struggled the first week but tried to keep up the best she could, and Bob knows now that she can make it to the finals. Meanwhile, Jillian screams in Bobby's face, which I guess is quite motivating while he's on the rowing machine. He's nervous about the triathlon, since swimming is not his strong suit, and he also has a thing about failure. Bobby tells Jillian that his parents sacrificed everything for him, which has led to an immense sense of pressure. He's terrified of failing, and of disappointing his folks. Dr. Phillian tells him that this behavior guarantees only one thing -- failure. Oh, and one other thing -- regret. Fear will pass, she says, but regret is forever. And I think I'm going to call my next album "Fear and Regret." In any case, any time Bobby walks into a situation, Jillian wants him to walk away with no regrets. She MEANS it too, as evidenced by how she's tapping his upper leg with her index finger. Jillian tells us that the biggest trick to life is learning how to move through your fear. Is this what people pay $60 to hear when they attend her "Maximize Your Life" tour? If so, I think we got a bargain. (And on that note, I was totally tempted to see her when she comes to Rhode Island, but will be out of town. Will I never get out of the cycle of fear and regret?)

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