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Season 15, Episode 15

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Hey! It's the Biggest Loser finale! There's a live studio audience, and Sami is there looking skinny and fly in a white dress, and some production assistant is there waving his arms around so the crowd will know to go crazy. The show has inspired millions of people across the country to make a change, says Sami, and given hundreds of contestants a second chance. We then see Danni, the winner of last season, who says she ran her very first marathon after her time on the show, and now runs her own yoga studio. Good for her! Then there's Pete Thomas. I think he was on the show before I started watching, and I don't understand why he insists on taking off his shirt. He looked so good with his shirt on! Why did he have to go and ruin everything?

Then there's Abby, who also made a guest appearance earlier this season. The Biggest Loser gave her a chance to heal from the inside out, and now she's not just surviving -- she and her new husband are thriving. And, apparently, enjoying a cookie or two while they do it. And there's no shame in that -- she looks radiantly happy, so good for her. Then there's Mark, who's striving to be the best husband and father he can be, and who just ran his first 100-mile endurance race. Jesus, is THAT what you have to do to keep the weight off? Then we have sisters Hannah and Olivia, who are motivational speakers. Hannah also has turned into some sort of weird, cheesy Barbie doll, apparently. Inspiring!

Amidst crowd cheers, Sami introduces a montage of the current season's second chances. There was excitement to be at the ranch! And then beatings! And then less excitement about being at the ranch. And puking. Lots of puking. And emotions. Lots of emotions. And grit! And perseverance! And good feelings! And pride (on three)! And tears. Of joy, mostly. David, Rachel and Bobby are our finalists, and we get graphics of them shrinking. And, in some cases, sagging. It's just inevitable.

Before we get to see the contestants, Sami introduces the trainers who, literally, have helped contestants lose fifteen tons of weight over the past seasons. That's…disgusting, and yet also impressive. The trainers come out looking hot, with Jillian in a leather dress, Bob in a leather jacket and Dolvett in a suit with no tie. Thank goodness Bob has a full beard and not just the pornstache. Sami asks Bob what it means to see past contestants living a healthy life. He says that they're like their kids, and the past contestants deserve credit for maintaining their healthy weights year after year. Jillian is asked about the trainer save, and says that they were all very passionate about having the trainer save and intended to wait for just the right moment to use them. And then each trainer used it for the first contestant on his or her team who was eliminated. Dolvett says that being part of casting was difficult, since they wanted everyone to be on the show. It was also empowering, though, and allowed the contestants to feel from the outset that the trainers believed in them. With that, the trainers are done for the moment and get to drink champagne from the side of the stage.

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