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Season 15, Episode 3

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Wedding Bell Blues

Previously: In the dreaded Week 2, only one person's weight counted for his or her team, and the White Team took a hit as Fernanda was sent home. We begin the episode by checking in with Fernanda today. She started the show at 250 pounds, and now weighs 195! She looks great. Fernanda tells us that she used to be a super-confident, sassy chick throughout high school, but once she started gaining weight she let it paralyze her life. We are reminded that she never let her husband see her completely naked for her entire seven years of marriage. Now she gets naked all the time! He is perhaps the biggest beneficiary of this show. Fernanda and her husband, Isaac, head out on a dancing date and I'm sure afterwards they bone nakedly for hours. Fernanda runs to work every day and hits the gym afterwards. Her goal is to weigh 130 pounds by the finale.

And then Bob sits down for a one-on-one chat with Matt. It turns out that Matt was supposed to get married this week, and postponed the wedding so he could come on the show. So…let's hope he doesn't get eliminated today! Matt tells Bob that he wants to give his fiancé the best version of himself, and couldn't do that at 356 pounds. He acknowledges that his fiancé has sacrificed a lot, and he feels guilty and selfish. If he doesn't get past this point in week three, he says, he will have failed everybody. That is totally true! Good luck, buddy. Bob tells Matt that he's doing this for the right reasons, and when his fiancé sees the show she'll realize it's the best decision they ever made. He also advises Matt to put forth every bit of effort leading up to the weigh-in, to avoid the, "You couldn't just get a regular gym membership?" speech if he is sent home.

The contestants then enter the gym to find some sort of game show set-up. Ali Sweeney is standing there and welcomes the contestants to the first Biggest Loser auction. All week, the contestants will not be permitted to use a single piece of equipment in the gym…unless they pay for it first. Each team has 500 "Biggest Loser bucks," emblazoned with pictures of their respective trainers. Ali will auction off ten items, and anything a team wins, the entire team gets to use. While the Red Team has their eye on the ellipticals and bikes, the White Team devises a strategy to push up the prices and get the other teams to pay as much as possible early on. Devious!

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