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Season 15, Episode 5

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Previously: After a temptation challenge that, per usual, involved eating a whole lot of crap, the entire Blue Team gained immunity and Bob got to keep his save for another week. And Ruben went home! Noooooo! The pain feels just as fresh today as it did last Tuesday.

We enter with all the contestants feeling super-sad about Ruben's elimination. Tanya tells the others that Ruben is headstrong and serious about getting healthy, so she's sure that he'll continue his journey at home. Craig says that Ruben helped him get through the first four weeks at the ranch, and he's thankful for us. Rachel is devastated that Ruben is gone, but she says that the Red Team is still strong and its members have to move forward together in his absence. This may be difficult, since Ruben was the big delicious sticky bun that held the team together in the first place.

Knowing that the Red Team could use some inspiration, Dolvett takes them to the Beat Cancer Bootcamp where a kick-ass group of women who are cancer survivors or are currently battling cancer work out together in fatigues. And these ladies are NOT doing aerobics and shit. The founder of Beat Cancer Bootcamp, Anita "Sarge" Kellman, says that the group also welcomes families and friends of those with cancer, since cancer can affect everybody's life in some way. Her mission is to make these ladies physically stronger so they're mentally tougher. David starts crying as he explains that he lost his wife, Andrea, to cancer. Andrea fought her disease for about ten years, but eventually succumbed. David watched her take her last breath, and had to tell his girls that their mom had passed away. He has since remarried, but has a promise to keep to his first wife to care for their girls, and he intends to keep his promise. Seeing the bootcamp ladies is emotional for him, and he says he has great admiration and respect for their courage and resilience. Sarge gives David a hug and says she's glad he's there, because this is what it's all about.

The Red Team starts their bootcamp workout alongside the cancer-fighting ladies. They're all motivated and inspired, and nobody complains or throws up or anything. Tanya says that they all have bad days on the ranch and think about the pain that they are fighting through, but there are people out there going through chemotherapy. She vows to stop complaining about the workouts for good, because these ladies have really touched her.

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