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Season 15, Episode 7

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Pride on Three

And then it's weigh-in time! The Red Team takes the scale first. David has gone from 317 to 306, for loss of 11 pounds. He's lost over 100 pounds total, and is quite proud to be the first contestant to do so. 100. Jennifer is next and goes from 220 to 211, loss of 9 pounds. Tanya goes from 220 to 216 for a loss of 4, and is not so excited about that number. Rachel, however, goes from195 to 183 for a loss of 12 and is thrilled. Finally, Ruben goes from 401 to 394, for a loss of 7. He's thrilled to be under 400 pounds, and says that the last time he was in 300s was three years ago. The Red Team has lost 43 pounds total, or 3.18%.

The White Team is next, and has to lose more than 21 pounds to stay safe. Marie takes the scale first, and goes from 207 to 203, for a loss of 4 pounds. Jay is next, and goes from 226 to 219, for a loss of 7 pounds. This leaves Tumi, who has to lose more than 11 pounds to save her team. She goes from 256 to 250 for a loss of 6 pounds, and the White Team is not out of the woods.

Finally, the Blue Team weighs in. They need to have lost more than 34 pounds to best the White Team and stay safe. Matt is up first and goes from 290 to 281, for a loss of 9 pounds. Chelsea is next on the scale and goes from 197 to 191, for a loss of 6 pounds. Hap is not so happy when he goes from 340 to 334 for a loss of 6 pounds. He and Bob are both confused about this number. Bobby does well, going from 293 to 284 for a loss of 9 pounds. Finally, we have Holley, who needs to lose more than 5 pounds for her team to stay safe. Seems easy, right? Alas, despite the America stripe in her hair, Holley goes from 291 to 288, for a loss of only 3 pounds. The Blue Team has lost 33 pounds total or 2.34%, which is not enough to keep them safe. What's more, Holley has the lowest percentage of weight lost on the team and so is automatically eliminated.

So, poor Bob TOTALLY wishes he hadn't used the trainer save on Matt last week. He cries and tells Holley that he's sorry. It's a pretty shocking elimination, and everyone basically is bawling. Holley says she's so happy for how much weight she lost, and is proud of everybody and what they're doing. She's had an amazing experience, and clearly bonded with a number of the other contestants. Bob cries and cries and cries as Holley tells him how much she loves him. He says she's made his whole season. She's taught him so much, and it's been a joy to talk to her not only as a contestant but as a peer. He wants her to get everything she wants out of life. Next to the Olympics, she says this has been one of best experiences of her life. With 63 pounds lost total, Holley says she's going to miss everyone, and it breaks heart to leave. The Biggest Loser has changed her perspective on her own weight, and particularly the view that she can be fit and it will still be good for her weight lifting career. The next time we see Holley, she says she'll be smaller, yet stronger.

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