Biggest Loser
Season 15, Episode 8

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Here He Goes Again On His Own

Previously: The teams had Thanksgiving in the summertime, Bob officially revealed the he was gay, but then almost immediately lost Holley, the only woman he ever truly loved. Also, there was a cliffhanger threatening to send another person packing.


We come back and Ali informs the teams that another person is leaving the ranch… but they are taking their trainer with them and get to come back at the end of the week. Bob looks like he's going to explode. I'm seriously worried that he's going to have a heart condition after the incident with Holley and then this added stress. When the person that got sent packing returns, their weight loss will be the only amount that matters and could sink their entire team. The losing team still faces the red line and the person who stayed the fattest gets eliminated. Can I just say for the record (since I only get to sub once a season when Potes takes off on her annual trip to seek out Dolvett's Dungeon) that I really prefer not only this hour-long edition, but also that they don't have to vote people off. The red line seems like a much fairer system and eliminates all those needless alliances.

Ruben says he'd like to see his family (didn't he JUST see them), but he hopes that he gets to stay. Ali informs him that he doesn't have a choice. No one does. The person going home gets decided by a spinning wheel of doom. The contestants get to put their picture on a wheel (which is arbitrary) and then everyone panics about what will happen if they are the one going home. Will Jillian murder someone in their sleep? Will the other people get fat if their trainer isn't around? Also, it seems like only one team will be affected by this bizarre new twist, which wasn't exactly clear before. It seemed like maybe one person from each team.

Ali does the honor of doing the spin, and as the roulette wheel of misfortune turns, it lands on Jay. He's the one who really wanted to go home to see his family and show off his body. Jillian is pissed that she's going to have to leave the ranch, and doesn't appreciate Jay being so excited about abandoning the rest of his team. Jillian also thinks that when Jay goes home, he's not going to want to come back because he's so homesick. Tumi and Marie say they won't have it easy on their own, but they do think that Jillian will beat the shit out of Jay, so they are happy about that.

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