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Season 15, Episode 8

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Here He Goes Again On His Own

Jay starts tearing up before he gets inside to see the large family that has gathered. It's interesting how there is always a giant group when people go home. Like does no one have jobs? Do they do this on the weekends? Wouldn't it be sad if someone came home and it was just like a cat curled up on the floor all disinterested? Anyway, there's a lot of screaming and hugging and congratulating Jay on being 78 pounds skinnier. There's this one really cute kid who is covering his ears because of the deafening roar. I'm with you kid!

As mad as Jillian was before, she's really gracious around his family and happily hugs everyone. She hopes that he understands what a great support system he has around him. Jay admits that he's worn his cowboy hat for every single workout. Some brave soul wonders what it smells like. The answer? Disgusting.

We then get to see Holley now! She went from 351 pounds and has gotten down to 260 pounds. She's looking good. She realizes that she can still be big and beautiful and really badass. She's training for a competition and is trying to lift more than she did on Biggest Loser. At a qualifier for the US Open, she clean and jerks 240 pounds up and over her head. Damn, girl!

Back on the ranch, Dolvett has his team outside doing an NFL style obstacle course with jumping and tires. He knows Rachel is the biggest loser in the house, but Jay is in second place and not to be ignored… especially with Jillian's undivided attention. Ruben is struggling to get over teeny tiny little hurdles (they look like they are sized for a 3-year-old) and Dolvett longingly wishes that high school football player Ruben was still around. He makes a mission to make Ruben back into an athlete. He got his old jersey, which he puts on and its snug. You couldn't put pads under it or anything. Ruben says he's inspired… but saunters off as slowly as a person can.

Bob proves that he's a good person, and decides to let the white team members stuck on the ranch alone train with him because he says Jillian would do the same for him. Apparently Jillian threatens Marie on the regular that she should see how tough Bob really is. She manages to hang in there with the rest of the blue team though. And it only took until about 3 minutes into the Bob segment for him to name check his beloved Holley, which is about 2 and a half minutes longer than I'd have expected. He has his remaining blue team members busting their asses in dedication to their fallen weightlifting comrade. Bob's hair looks bananas. He's really a mess without Holley around. Bob laughs that he's lighting a candle to pray for Jay every day.

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