Biggest Loser
Season 15, Episode 8

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Here He Goes Again On His Own

Cut to the farm, where Jay is in a manure-filled bar doing exercises with shovels and bags of animal feed and some old tractor tires. She says she can kill someone with body weight, but then proceeds to use hay bales and all kinds of unique ways to torture him in the barn.

Dolvett has Rachel back in the pool. She was a State champion swimmer, but hasn't been in a competitive pool in six years and he forces her to face her fear of the swimsuit and pushes her back into the water. She reminds us that in high school she had scholarship offers but turned them down for a boy who then dumped her. Now she doesn't even like going into the pool at the ranch because of the bad memories. Seems to me like the boyfriend is the bad memory, not the pool, but what do I know. She's not thrilled with her time across the pool, but she's doing Butterfly, which is pretty freaking hard, so she should cut herself some slack. She does another lap and shaved off a few seconds, and she's smiling about it.

Back in Missouri, Jay's giving Jillian a tour of the farm and playing with the horses. He shows her a giant pit that used to be his childhood home. Apparently a fire was caused by a defective laptop battery and destroyed the place. That can happen?!?!? Jay talks about the double whammy of his parents' divorce and the house fire. She puts on her Dr. Phillian hat, and makes him talk about his feelings about the pit and the lost house. She has to push really hard to make him cry, but she eventually achieves her goal. He's still wearing the smelly hat as she talks about how to channel his emotions into exercise. Everything's a workout opportunity!

Last Chance Workout. Dolvett says it is the Red team vs. the Blue team vs. Jay. He doesn't think that his red team is in a good position. All the players say that Week 8 is a milestone for them, and they are going to push it. Dolvett admits that Ruben should be putting up bigger numbers than he is. Perhaps if Ruben was lifting more weight than I do since he's more than twice my size, he'd have better results. I'm not a trainer, but seriously, he's barely busting his ass and is curling a bar that weighs about as much as a Yorkie. The Blue team does a lot of jump-roping, except Bobby, who seems to be doing invisible jump-roping. Hap is mad because he busts his ass and loses less weight than Bobby. Bob says that Bobby is at a way lower intensity but mystifyingly seems to be shedding big pounds.

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