Biggest Loser
Season 15, Episode 8

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Here He Goes Again On His Own

Jillian makes Jay do a whole bunch of boxing in a horse arena in temperatures that are more than 100 degrees. Is there not an air-conditioned gym in his neighborhood? He's dripping sweat and doing a lot of grunting.

Weigh in! The teams are gathered and they welcome back Jay and Jillian. It's a toss up who looks hotter tonight, Jillian's rocking a leopard shirt and sexy jeans, and Ali has on the cutest white dress that hits all her curves.

Red team! Ruben is first up on the scale. He went from 394 to 392 for a loss of two pounds. Dolvett looks furious. Methinks maybe someone is not following their diet to the letter. Jennifer and Tanya both lose four pounds. David is hoping to lose more than 6 so he can be in the 200s. He goes from 306 to 299, for a loss of 7 pounds. He walks off the scale and gives Dolvett a very grateful hug. Rachel is up last for her team. She went from 183 to 178, which is a solid 5 pounds! She's really happy and Ali looks teary when Rachel talks about how she sadly just used to sit around alone with her dog.

The Blue team has to lose more than 18 pounds. Hap is hoping this will be a good week for him. He goes from 334 to 332, and starts laughing in disbelief. Even Bob says they need to strategize again, because normalcy isn't helping Hap. Matt steps up and loses 4 lbs. Chelsea then loses 6 and seems delighted. Bobby is the last person, and he needs to have lost more than 6 to keep his team safe. Hap's beyond frustrated. Naturally lazy slug Bobby loses 12 pounds, confounding his entire team. Bob's relieved and shocked. One has to wonder if maybe Bobby's been slipping some of Jillian's magical supplements or something.

Marie loses 5 pounds and Tumi loses 7, but their losses don't matter all that much in the larger scheme of things. Jay worries that the distractions got in the way of his weight loss, but he credits Jillian for helping him out a lot. He also loses 12 pounds on the crazy farmer plan, which keeps his team completely safe. Jillian's so happy she's crying. When all is said and done Jay's solo loss was more than half of the entire red team's loss.

Ruben falls below the red line… again. And is eliminated… again. Not really a surprise. He doesn't seem all that committed. He makes for good TV, but he seems more interested in promoting his singing career than losing weight. He doesn't even look upset, he's got a big smile on his face. He claims that he's going into the future with a changed look. He says when we see him next he'll be the velvet teddy bear but without all the stuffing.

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