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Season 15, Episode 9

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Previously: Jay and Jillian were sent home to Missouri, where he was forced to have beatings amongst hay since only his weight loss would count for his whole team. Both the Red and Blue Teams had disappointing numbers at the weigh in, though Jay rocked it. And Ruben went homeā€¦ again.

The episode begins with the contestants meeting Ali inside a diner. They think a temptation challenge is afoot, but she starts talking about the challenges of losing weight while having a job. Some of the Losers will experience it directly, since the losers of the impending challenge will have to work in the diner all week. Can they then change their name to Laverne or something similarly diner-appropriate? Lil? Will a wise-cracking waitress named Flo teach them irreverent life lessons? Because then it will all be worth it. Tanya reminds us that she's in the food industry, via being the COO of Harold's Chicken Shack, purveyors of tasty friend chicken. She eyes the cheesecakes and pies of the diner, and admits she's tempted. She's hoping the Red Team rocks the pop challenge.

So, pop challenge. Ali is going to ask questions about obesity in the workplace, which are bound to depress us all. For every question that a team gets right, they'll get a point. At the end, the top two teams get to go back to business as usual, but the team with the lowest points will have to apron-up and get to work. The first question asks what percentage of full-time employees in the U.S. are either overweight or obese. The correct answer is two-thirds. WHAT? That's crazy. The Red and Blue Teams both get this right and the White Team now gets to share in the dearth of optimism about our country's future. The next question asks what is the number one source of food that workers bring into the office -- food from home, from a fast food restaurant or a grocery store? All guess fast food, which is the correct answer. Does Chipotle count? Because then I am part of the problem.

The next question asks which of the following occupations has the highest rate of obesity: transportation workers, business owners or clerical/office workers. The correct answer is transportation workers (what does that even mean???), which both the White and Blue teams get right. The Blue Team has a one-point lead as they go into the final question, which asks what percentage of administrative assistants have reported gaining weight at their job. The choices are: 48%, 69% and 78%. The answer is 69%, which both the Red and Blue Teams guess correctly. This means that the White Team has to work and probably serve Jillian coffee now that nobody is allowed to take caffeine pills.

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