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Some of the contestants positively leap over the sand pile, while others have a bit of a harder time. The team members have to get their flag together before they can race back, so if there's one fast team member they can't just sprint ahead and win the whole shebang. Jerry makes it over the sand pile while maintaining consciousness, which is a victory in itself. The five teams to move on to the second round are the Yellow Team, the Black Team, the Blue Team, the Green Team, and the Red Team. They all look pretty tired, but get back to the start line and prepare to tread some sand. Once again, both members of the team have to cross the finish team to win, and it's the Yellow and Black Teams who made it to the third heat. Tara, though supportive to dead weight Laura, interviews that it sucks that Laura gave her best, but her best wasn't good enough. Tell it to James Ingram, honey. The Black Team totally doesn't want to be beaten by girls in the finals, which makes me hope even more that they will be. In the end Blaine pulls far ahead, and Mandi is first to cross the finish line for Yellow. This leaves Aubrey versus Dane, and let me tell you that Aubrey totally hauls ass! Dane realizes that she's catching up, and really wants to win it for his kids at home. And he does. Oh, rat. Aubrey gave him a run for it, though! The Black Team has immunity, and is feeling pretty happy about it.

Oh, and now it's time for DeathWatch with Dr. Huizenga. The contestants head to the hospital for all sorts of crazy tests and to learn just how bad off they are. The Brown Team, Ron and Mike, are extremely fat, and Ron even has a fatty liver. Ron had bypass surgery, but wasn't able to lose weight even so. His stomach was the size of an egg after the bypass, and Dr. H. says that all this shows that surgery is not a panacea. Ron is scared to know that Mike is following in his footsteps, and that he has another son at home who is facing the same struggle with weight. The Pink Team, Shannon and Helen, are mirror images of each other. Helen is a smoker, which makes things even worse. Helen is 48, but her "real age" is 60. This makes her cry, as those real age tests often do on this show. And on Oprah. Blaine and Dane don't get good news, either. Their lung capacity is teeny, on account of their voluminous abdominal fat. They also have fatty livers. Blaine and Dane get emotional as well.

We then go back to working out at the ranch. Buy Brita filters and water bottles to stay hydrated and save the environment! Oh, this is actually the last chance workout. There is yelling from Bob and crying on the part of Joelle from the Silver Team. Bob says that Joelle does a lot of talking and not a lot of working out, and he needs to change that if she's going to stick around. Jillian gets on dead weight Laura's case, and Laura is already sick of Jillian asking her why she's there and why she's fat. Jillian tells us that Laura concerns her, because the work that she needs to do mentally far outweighs the work she needs to do physically. She tries to Dr. Phillian Laura, to mixed effect. Tara interviews that she's going to do what she has to do to keep them there, and generally confirms her overall awesomeness.

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