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But! There is another twist! Sami tells the teams that there is a way back. They are already SO fed up with her shenanigans. So, basically, one contestant from each team will go home. After 30 days if their teammate has managed to stay in the game, they get to come back. Jillian and Bob look like they are going to eat their tube socks. The contestant who remains on the ranch will have to work his or her butt off, and ditto with the contestant who goes home.

The teams have some hard decisions to make. Pink Shannon wants her mom, Helen, to stay, because she will fall off of all sorts of wagons if she goes home. Nicole lobbies for herself to stay. The Yellow sisters argue over who would or would not be mad at the other if things didn't work out. Tears. Discussion. Tears. Man hugs. Eventual agreement upon decisions.

We are then in the elimination room, to learn who stays and who goes. And the person who goes, goes immediately, as is the Biggest Loser's custom. The Pink Team sends home Shannon, just as she wished. The Blue Team sends home Sione. Laura goes home for the Green Team. The Yellow Team sends Aubrey home. The Red Team sends Nicole home. And the engagement's off if Damien doesn't bring her back. David is going home for the Orange Team. The Silver Team sends home Carla, who may kill Joelle if she doesn't come back in 30 days. The Purple Team sends home Cathy. Finally, there's the White Team. Estella is going home. All of the players who remain are incredibly motivated to bring back their teammates. Except, secretly, probably Tara. A song about keeping on moving plays, and we're out.

Next week: Beatings. What else? And Bob wigs out, to the delight of Jillian!

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