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Julio gained 100 pounds a year after he met his wife. They both promised that when they turned 40 they'd change their lives, and he's determined to keep that promise. Abby is the woman whose husband and two young children -- ages 5 1/2 and 2 1/2 weeks -- were killed in a car accident two years ago. Everyone, including me, starts crying. It was by the grace of God that Abby wasn't in the van that day, and so she has to believe that she's here for something bigger. She says that this is her second chance to make a difference. People ask her what she wants to do, and right now she doesn't know. But today she walked a mile, and that's something. Everyone is fucking brutalized at this point. But Abby seems kind of awesome and I hope she sticks around for a while, as long as she doesn't make me cry every week.

Since no one can top that, the life stories just stop. Sami comes and announces that it's time for teammates to be chosen. Dan won the challenge and so gets to pick first. He's going to be in an orange shirt, and picks Shay to be his teammate, saying that she touches his heart. Daniel relates to her because he was the biggest Biggest Loser, and wants to show her that she can get through this. Allen came in second, and chooses Abby as his partner. He says that what she went through shows that she's a fighter, and he's a fighter too. They will be the Green Team. Amanda is next to choose, and takes Rebecca as her partner. They'll be the lucky Pink Team. Rudy chooses Dina, and they'll be Blue. Antoine picks youth pastor Sean to be his partner on the Red Team. Liz and Danny will be the Brown Team. Alexandra picks Julio. They'll be the Black Team. Coach Mo and Tracey will be the ashen gray dead team. Just kidding -- they're purple. The purple of veins collapsing.

And with that, it's time for the benchmarking weigh-in. And the introduction of Bob and Jillian! Hooray! They're both wearing leather jackets. In fact, I think Jillian is wearing a leather hoodie! Reow! They stand by as the weigh-in begins. The Pink Team is up first. Amanda starts at 250 pounds, while Rebecca is 279. That's 529 combined pounds. Rebecca starts crying so hard that her stomach shakes, and then she puts a hand on her stomach to stop it from shaking. It's kind of a brutal moment. For a change. She looks at the trainers and says, "Help me, please." Jillian replies, "You have to help yourselves. We can't do this for you." If Rebecca is on Jillian's team, she'd better watch out. The Green Team is up next. Allen weighs 325 pounds and Abby weighs 247 for a total of 572 pounds. Abby says that her weight surprises her but doesn't define her, and Bob and Jillian give approving nods. She makes Sami cry a little, too.

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