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Bob and Jillian strategize about how to handle the Shay quitting situation. Jillian thinks that she gets so much attention for quitting, so they shouldn't feed into that. She wants to leave her alone for a day. Bob wants to leave her alone for ten minutes. They compromise on half an hour. Meanwhile, Shay is outside bawling. She realizes that quitting isn't the answer. She's gonna make a change -- uh! -- for once in her life. It's gonna feel real good, gonna make a difference, gonna make it right. And so she goes back to the gym, where Jillian instantly starts screaming at her that she can't come in unless she's ready to work. You all know I love Jillian, but she could maybe take a medium dosage chill pill right now. She's making me uncomfortable. Shay cries and says she's embarrassed, and Jillian tells her there's nothing to be embarrassed about, however she will not tolerate Shay working below her potential. She will not accept less than 100%, and she will not play the victim game with Shay. Shay says she's not playing a victim. And then she gets back on the ladder.

We cut to the house, where Mo returns! He tells us that when he arrived at the hospital he was dehydrated and had low blood sugar and low blood pressure. Mo learns that his partner is Tracey, and doesn't seem totally thrilled about the situation. He hopes that she gets better and can come home soon, and plans to work out like crazy until she gets there.

Gah! And then it's time for visits with Dr. H. -- also known as the "look how soon you're going to die!" visit. They're at the California Health and Longevity Institute, where there are all sorts of tests available to depress us further. A bevy of doctors work with the contestants in all sorts of ways with all sorts of machines. They're gathering a bunch of data that will somehow be used in obesity research, and will doubtlessly lead to a groundbreaking report telling us that eating less and exercising more makes you lose weight.

And then the good news begins. Dr. H. tells Sean that he has type II diabetes and is in denial big time. Mo's biological age is 55, but his real age is 69. He tears up and admits to being frightened. Shay's body is over 57% fat, and she has asthma from fat being pushed into her lungs. Or something. Shays biological age is 29, but her real age is 45. She says that's only three years younger than her mom was when she died. I have a feeling we're going to be hearing a lot about Shay's mom during the course of this season.

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