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With that, we're in the elimination room. We get right to voting. Mo votes for Alexandra to go home. The Pink Team votes for Julio. The Red Team votes for Julio, too, saying that he would be able to go home and finish what he started. The Orange Team also votes to send Julio home. If he gets one more vote, he'll be eliminated. The Brown Team, who are parents themselves and clearly sympathize with Julio, votes for Alexandra. The Blue Team chooses Alexandra as well, saying that she can do it at home. This means that it all comes down to the Green Team. They vote for Alexandra, rationalizing that she has spark and fire and will be successful at home. This means that Alexandra has been eliminated. It's too bad, because she seems pretty bad-ass. She's gracious in her goodbye speech, if awfully sad. Everyone else looks very tired.

Alexandra interviews that she's done so many things this week that she never thought she could do, including having her ass whipped by Jillian. It was all worth it, and she appreciates the hard work that she did. She learned that you can push above and beyond your comfort level, and when you do that, greater things will happen. Alexandra says that her life is just starting and she has so much ahead of her. She believed in herself enough to get to The Biggest Loser, and so must also believe in herself enough to know that she can lose the weight at home. Alexandra tells us that the next time we see her she's going to prove that success is not determined by number of days at the ranch -- success is the determination that you have in your heart. We get a quick update on Alexandra, who has made a lot of changes and has lost 60 pounds! She looks gorgeous, and has also concentrated on motivating her mother, friends and family to have healthier lifestyles. And now she can fit in her college desk! She also admits that while on the ranch she had a crush on somebody but didn't do anything about it. Now that she has confidence, she's looking forward to getting to know him better. Alexandra coyly tells us that we're going to have to wait and find out who it is. Coach Mo? He's totally the one I have a crush on. Alexandra hopes to be at her goal weight of 180 pounds at the finale. Which is a lot of weeks from now.

Next week: if the entire group loses 150 pounds, no one leaves. If they don't, two people leave. Let the head games begin!

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