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Fattest. Season. Ever.

At the beginning of hour two, the contestants take a little break, sit around and get to know each other. Tragic tales abound. Common motifs include: 1) being picked last for teams in gym class; 2) not being able to find love / never having a significant other. Daris says that he's always the entertainer, and the guy who dances with his buddies' girlfriends but goes home alone. Migdalia reveals that her husband is going to go to Afghanistan, and by the time she returns home he'll be gone. Maria doesn't want to turn into her mom, who had to go into a home because she was so big and no one could take care of her. Koli was inspired by Filipe's makeover and by his hot wife. He has had relationships, but could never seriously believe that anyone would actually love a 400-pound man. Sad, but no "whole family including teeny baby killed in a car crash."

Back in the gym, Bob introduces the Body Buggs, to keep track of calories burned and calories eaten. And then it's time for the last chance workout! Pain. Misery. Etc. Bob works with folks on the elliptical, while Jillian takes a select few outside to have their way with sledgehammers and tires. There is sweat and puke and collapsing contestants everywhere. Andrea is afraid that Bob is killing her dad, but in the end he survives. Bob and Jillian once again impart the seriousness of this whole thing, and Ashley falls off the treadmill to underscore. Bob tells the Half Ton Twins that they're going to be walking laps in the pool. James notes that he's limited in what he can do, since he has a bad knee from an old football injury. And a fatball injury. He can only do the bike for cardio. Bob says the only way James is going to survive is to focus on what he can do, and sends him to the pool.

With that, it's time for the weigh-in! Sami says it's clear why the contestants decided to change their lives, and we get a montage of belly close-ups. No, I'm not kidding. Sami also points out that Michael is the first contestant to weigh over 500 pounds. It is a dubious distinction. Michael is happy to be on campus, but Bob acknowledges that it's daunting to work with such heavy contestants. John and James together are 30 pounds away from being half a ton. Sami says with excessive gravitas that the contestants have learned that it's not enough to tell people that they want to be there -- they have to prove it.

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