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Fattest. Season. Ever.

So, John and James are not feeling so hot. They plead their cases in front of the other contestants. John is prepared to sacrifice himself so that James, even with his bad knee, can stay on campus. He doesn't think James can do it at home. James calls bullshit on the self-sacrifice, saying that John knows he can go farther in the competition. Also, while John will have to go back to work immediately and has a new baby, James can focus completely on his weight loss without those pesky distractions. The others talk it out, and kind of feel like assholes for separating a team of twins.

Elimination room! Dramatic music! Silver platters! The Green Team votes for John to go home. The Black Team votes for James. The Red Team votes for James. Pink votes for James, as does Purple. The White Team also votes for James, and that's enough to send him home. He says he's ready to go and win the at-home prize. There are tearful goodbyes all around. James says that this is the hardest thing he's done, but he's also changed for the better. And he's still going to change his life at home. The next time we see James, we'll finally going to be able to tell him and his brother apart... because he'll be the handsome, skinny twin! And then we go home with James. He weighed 485 pounds when he got to the ranch, and now he weighs 385! He's lost 100 pounds in two months! Pretty great. James went straight from the plane home to the gym, and hasn't stopped working out since. He was lucky enough not to have to go back to work when he got home, and so can spend all kinds of hours at the gym. He and his wife cook disgusting-looking food together, and his wife has lost 24 pounds as well! James has more confidence and is quite proud of himself. He hopes to lose 240 pounds by the finale, breaking the record set by Danny in season eight.

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