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America, you have lost a bunch of weight. Well done!

We begin in the aftermath of last week's elimination. When the Blue Team enters and it becomes apparent that they've eliminated Jackie, the Black Team members just shake their heads. Dan looks super upset. He tells us that he and Jackie made a pact with Jay and Mark, and the deal was that neither team would vote the other off. As we might have heard mentioned last week, Mark and Jay swore on their children that they'd stick to this pact. And then they didn't! Dan feels betrayed by his own team, and finds some comfort and support from the Black Team. Brittany points out that Mark and Jay always talk about being men of integrity, but in fact their word means shit. Roger (or Trent?) looks at Brittany and says, "What'd you expect?" That's kind of a dick move. Brittany has nothing to say. Dan just walks out of the room. Roger wants the Black Team to stay out of the Blue Team's damn business. Oooh, he's getting kind of scary, like he would totally cast a ballot for Mike Huckabee right now. Mark thinks that the Black Team can hate him all they want, but they won't beat him. He tells Bernie that Jackie played the game, and so did they. And then he adds that nobody in the house likes him anyway, so he really doesn't give a shit. That's fair.

Awww, and then an emotional Dan tells us that he and Jackie usually talk before going to bed. We flash back to Dan announcing to Jackie that their room will officially be called the Shangri-La. Tonight there's trouble in Shangri-La, as it's a quiet, lonely time for Dan. The next morning, Dan avoids the rest of the Blue Team, fixing his Quaker Weight Control Oatmeal all by himself (thank God he learned how to do that before Jackie was eliminated!) and working out by himself. He's got nothing to say to them. I think a well-timed "Eat it, lick it, snort it, fuck it" would do wonders, myself.

The next day, Jillian greets her Black Team and discovers that Jackie's gone. Kelly has the genius idea that Jillian should work with Dan. Even though she loves Dan, Jillian is not about to put in an application for him at the BLSPCA. Frankly, she doesn't want to have to deal with his hairball problem. Plus, the fact that her team dropped big numbers last week means that they're at risk for having small numbers this week. They're serious underdogs, and she needs to focus on them. She assures her team that Bob is a fabulous trainer, and that he sees Dan as extremely valuable.

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