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Special Guest Appearance By Jillian's Mom

Cut to the house, where Jillian sits with her team and notes that they might need some additional expertise. The person she's bringing to meet them today, she says, is probably the most significant person that they'll meet while they're on campus. It's a person that she listens to without question and would trust with her life. Best friend Vanessa "Brian Austin Green Impregnated Me" Marcil? No! It's Jillian's mom! Jillian yells out, "Hi, Mommy!" and gives her mom a big hug. Turns out that Jillian's mom is to psychotherapy what Jillian is to fitness training, with an unfortunate nose job thrown in as a bonus. I'm sure that Jillian's mom is totally a nice woman, but as soon as she walked in the house, all I thought was, "Margaret Chenowith." In any case, Jillian's mom is going to have some chats with the Black Team. Oddly, I don't think we ever find out what her actual name is.

We cut to Bob, who says he's all for therapy, but thinks it's a personal preference. It's not something that he would want to push on someone. Unless that person was Mark, who obviously needs a motherfucking shrink. Er, I mean, "unless they're comfortable with it." Bob tells the Blue Team that they have a choice for the day. One option is to stay at the house and have a therapy session with Jillian's mom. Crickets chirp. There are no Blue takers. Roger is suspicious since Jillian is coaching the enemy. The other option is to go for a hike. Everyone wants to do the hike. Dan explains that they'd rather walk it out than talk it out. Don't these folks have a staff therapist already, anyway? I mean, not that it seems to be doing much good, but still.

Brittany is first up with Jillian's mom, talking about the emotional issues that usually underlie eating issues. Brittany's parents divorced when she was seven, and before that she was a thin child. Then, of course, there's the issue of her biological father. Brittany starts crying. Brittany thought that the stepfather -- from whom her mom got a divorce -- was her actual father, but in fact he wasn't, and her biological father had died when she was four. She never knew him and never will know him, and, says Jillian's mother, that's a loss that can never be regained. This is something that Brittany has always kept inside, and she says that she fears getting hurt if she opens up to people about her pain. How fortunate, then, that she was able to talk all about it on national TV! Jillian's mom says that's a very lonely place to be, and Brittany says that's exactly what Jillian told her. Brittany sees how her pain can drive her to the refrigerator.

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