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Special Guest Appearance By Jillian's Mom

The Blue Team, meanwhile, enjoys their hiking therapy. It's difficult for Trent, who's been dealing with a bad knee during his time on the show, but he soldiers forth. Well done, T-Bag!

Back at the house, Kelly is in with Dr. Phillian, Sr. Turns out, her parents divorced when she was seven, too! Divorced parents make you fat, man. Thank goodness my parents suffered through with each other for the duration. Who needs a healthy relationship model if you turn out skinny? Kelly was raised by her single mom. Oh, God, and then her mom had a massive stroke right after they had a major fight! And Kelly has always secretly thought that it was the fight that did that. Gah! But then her mom blinked out an autobiography and it was all okay. Anyway, Dr. Phillian, Sr. deduces that Kelly fears that something catastrophic could happen if she doesn't obey the rules. There were things that happened in Kelly's childhood that she didn't tell her mom, because she didn't want to upset her or make anything worse happen. And when those feelings bubble up, she tries to bury them with food! And really, large quantities of cheese are about the only thing that will even marginally keep down that sort of baggage.

Back on the mountain, the Blue Team is jubilant, if emotionally stunted. Bob says he thinks they're all brothers. That comment just made me a little bit sick. I want to use a Big Mac to suppress the memory of him saying that. Anyway, dude man like hike. They do another "Pride" on three. They're here, they're queer, their emotional eating issues will not disappear unless they dig into their pasts.

Now Paul is in with Mama Jillian. He thinks there are things that happened in his past that could be contributing to his current state. He doesn't remember a lot of his childhood. And then, oh shit. Paul's dad used to have things called "sessions," which basically involved beating the shit out of Paul. Paul always thought he was a bad kid. Jillian's mom tells Paul that this sounds like severe physical abuse -- it was violence, not discipline. She says that Paul's dad was a weak person and had no strength, and that his actions had nothing to do with Paul's character. Paul would shut himself in his room for days and eat to escape. He has survived his own personal war, says Jillian's mom, and he is suffering from the effects of that trauma and hasn't had anyone help him with it. He acknowledges that he's never talked about it before. Dr. Phillian, Sr. says that he can get help for it, and has to get help for it. He took a big first step in daring to talk about it, which is a start in helping him to heal. I don't know if I can handle this anymore. In any case, Jillian is keen on her mom, and knew that she could help the contestants become conscious and aware of their behaviors, help them to take responsibility, and help them to establish support once they go home, so they can continue on their healthy journeys.

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