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Brittany points out that Bob looks FURIOUS. He really does. There's a big vein popping on the side of his head. She's glad he's not her trainer. Aw, it all came full circle! Jay has immunity, given by the Black Team, and Roger also has immunity as the Biggest Loser on the Blue Team. And then, as Sami is talking to them about the big decision ahead of them, Bob walks the fuck out of the room! I think he needs a session with Jillian's mom. He interviews that he's upset because the weight that his team lost just doesn't seem to be enough. Well, this week and last week it literally wasn't enough. There's no "seems" about it, Gloria Whinem. The Blue Team has an hour in which to make their decision. They all feel like big jerks. Roger adds that they're screwed next week, too.

The Blue Team huddles, and Jay apologizes profusely. No one seems to blame him too much. Trent tells the group that he's dealing with an injury, and knows that his numbers are starting to drop. He asks them to send him home, so he can get himself together. Mark wants to make sure that this decision is the best for the team, and says that he wonders if it's him who should go. YES! But Trent wants to take the stress off the process. Jay apologizes again, and Trent tells him to let it go. Trent wants to get healthy -- it's not about the money, it's about him jumpstarting a healthy life. Trent is seriously the best. Roger goes and gives him a big hug, and everyone else follows. I'm sad. There are so many jerks on the Blue Team! Why can't one of them go home?

Eliminations. Dan reminds us that the plan is to send Trent home, and then reminds us that this was also the plan last week, when his mom ended up going home. He doesn't so much trust the rest of his team. However, the votes go as planned and Trent is the one to go. Everyone thinks he's noble, admirable, et cetera, and Mark even calls him his brother. Under the skin, from another mother, natch. Trent tears up a little, and Roger starts bawling. It's always the football buddies, man. Trent is at peace with his decision, and Mark quietly adds, "Brothers for life." When he's not busy sounding like an abuser, he's SUCH A TOOL. Trent lost 87 pounds, which is nothing to sneeze at. Everyone gives a big Pride On Three to honor Brother Trent.

Trent's exit is typically classy. He's lost 87 pounds and has a great start to the rest of his life -- the way he sees it, he's already won.

Oh but wait! It's not over. The Black Team enters the elimination room, where Ali tells them that they're about to experience a Biggest Loser first, which will also be the most difficult challenge they've had to face yet. They're all going back to the scene of the crime -- the one place that could prevent them from losing the weight they need to lose. Yes, they're going home. And we're out!

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