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Surprise Escalator Challenge Changes The Game Forever

We begin with Paul and Kelly reflecting upon their elimination of Bette-Sue and Ali. Maggie and Jenn knock on their door, and Maggie reminds us that Kelly told them at eliminations that they were below the yellow line because they aren't working hard enough. Maggie thinks they are working plenty hard. They are pissed. Paul notes that people keep wondering why the Purple Team is being saved when they fall below the yellow line so much. Maggie goes off, saying that it's bad enough that people think she's lazy at home, but to be told that she's lazy when she's there working her ass off is too much to take. Kelly says that all the contestants are held to the scale, and that's what we -- the "we" being all the skinny folks in America watching the show as we much on Pizzeria Pretzel Combos and don't gain an ounce (mmm, gritty cheese) -- are judging them on. This will lead us to think that Jenn and Maggie aren't working as hard, says Kelly. Personally I was pinning it on some metabolic thing, but apparently our voice is represented by some sort of Biggest Electoral College. Maggie and Jenn think that what Kelly says validated the assumptions of all of the judgy skinny bitches out there. They don't trust the Yellow Team, and are through with any alliance they had. Alliances are for suckas!

Jillian enters Paul and Kelly's room. Kelly says it was an emotional night, particularly since Bette-Sue and Ali really didn't deserve to go home. Jillian points out that nobody deserves to go home. She's pretty surprised that they knocked out the Pink Team, but tells us that it's not her place to tell them who to choose. Unless it's last season and she's telling them not to choose Amy. But I digress. Kelly tells Jillian that, as of this week, they'll be playing as individuals rather than teams. And most likely, it's going to be brutal.

Bob talks to several of the other teams, who fill him in on the elimination. Jenn goes on about how Paul and Kelly don't think the Purples are working hard enough, and Bob asks her why she's letting it get to her. They don't need anyone to tell them how hard they're working or not working, he says, and need to step up and start focusing on themselves. It's another opportunity for them to prove everybody wrong. While they're at it, they might also want to prove to the rest of us that they're not as totally annoying as they seem. The results will be determined via some sort of Veruca Salt "Bad Egg Scale."

And then it's time for another Jilliantervention! This week's topic is: Why is Brittany fat? Turns out that Brittany has had an emotional battle with food since she was young. It's not easy for her to open up to people, she says, but when faced with Dr. Phillian, she acquiesces. She's been hurt a lot in her life, and she thinks that if she buries her pain and seems fine on the outside, she'll be hurt less by other people. Her mom got pregnant with Brittany very young, and her father was abusive towards her mother. Then her father was killed when he was 24. Brittany was only four years old at the time. She pretty much started blowing up physically at this point. She was a skinny little kid, but then by age eight she was a chub-o. Jillian realizes that Brittany's only source of comfort and stability was food. Brittany has blocked out her pain at not knowing her biological dad, which of course is not really a great strategy. A pot pie cannot replace a father. Even a bad father. Not even if it's a really, really good pot pie. Brittany says that now Jillian knows pretty much everything about her. And Jillian really seems to love her. I think Brittany is the new Isabeau, except a lot cooler.

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