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Surprise Escalator Challenge Changes The Game Forever

The Black Team has one hour to make their decision. This is a tough one. They all sit in silence, with the occasional escaped sob. Jenn gives the team a pep talk, and tells Kelly and Paul especially not to blame themselves for the Black Team's loss. Maggie wonders if Jenn's two good weeks is enough to make the others not vote for her. Bernie tries to think about what would be beneficial for the team in general. They need big guys who can lose big numbers, and even though Jenn had two good weeks, he wonders if she can do it again. He thinks they should keep the heavier people like Kelly and Paul. Jenn is kind of freaking out, and asks Maggie if she knows anything. Maggie says she doesn't, and tells Jenn to just pack her shit like usual. Kelly talks to Bernie and Brittany. She says that she and Paul can pull big numbers as a plea to be kept. However, Kelly says that if it's going to be one of them, she thinks Paul needs to be there more than she does. She is totally sacrificing herself for his health! That is even better than mouthing "I love you." But I'd get rid of Kelly just because she fucking cries all the time and it puts me on edge. Bernie is dreading the elimination.

Elimination! Kelly is up first, and says how difficult she found the vote, since everyone put in time and effort and did everything right. She keeps the speech short, thankfully, and votes for Jenn. Paul does, too. Maggie votes for Kelly, and so does Jenn. She adds a little frowny face on her tent card, so we know she was conflicted. An emotional Brittany votes for Jenn. Bernie, of course, follows suit. Jenn has been eliminated. She really cries. Maggie tells Jenn that she's never seen her work so hard, and is amazed at what Jenn has been able to do. She's proud, and she loves Jenn. Paul tells Jenn that he hopes she knows they all love her. Jenn wants them to keep fighting.

Jenn interviews that she's learned from Jillian that she's so strong, and she needs to believe that she can do it. She was full of excuses before, but now things are different. She can do this, she says, and she's going to. Cut to Jen today -- she weighs 201 and has lost 53 pounds. Hey! She looks super-cute, too. Her life revolves around exercise, food, and sleep, and she feels awesome physically. She's eating lots of fruits and veggies, and just generally kicking butt. Go, Jenn!

Next week: The most! Shocking! Elimination! Ever! And: ooooooh. Videos from home bring about some Paul and Kelly baggage. In other words, Kelly has a boooooyfriend.

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