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Surprise Escalator Challenge Changes The Game Forever

And then, challenge time! We're in a mall. Oooh, just the smell of an Auntie Anne's pretzel would throw me right off track with its buttery, salty, empty-carb-filled goodness. But the contestants are focused on Sami, who tells them that this challenge is so important that they wanted the trainers to be there with them. Thus we have Bob and Jillian. The challenge is simple, says Sami. There are two escalators running downward. The first person to run up them ten times wins. The challenge is so difficult, she says, that only two people will be competing. The person who wins will get to pick which teams they will be training with. Yes, that's right! It's back to black. And blue. Jillian and Bob both have "WTF, sadistic producers?" looks on their faces. But then! Even bigger twist! The two people who will be racing up the escalators are: Bob and Jillian. Well, at least this reduces the chances of someone actually dying. Unless, of course, Jillian kills them. She looks pretty upset. She tells us that she didn't really want to be in the position of having to pick contestants. I believe it, too. She has an exterior of steel and a heart of steamed carrots.

And they're off! Because I think Jillian is generally superior, I was pretty sure that she could clock Bob if she wanted to. They start off relatively even at first, but after about four rounds Bob takes a pretty decent lead. Jillian looks like she's in serious pain and struggling to get up the moving escalator. Bob's legs are burning, but he's hanging in there a bit better. Jillian doesn't give up, but Bob reaches his ten laps with Jillian having completed only seven. Trent (or Roger?) thinks that they're both tough, but that Bob had a bit of an edge just due to the length of his legs. And somehow, I'm sure the yoga factors in. I never thought I'd say this, but: buff up, Jillian!

So now Bob gets to pick the three couples who will become the new Blue Team. This is a shitty position to be in, for sure. Part of me likes to think that Jillian threw the challenge because she didn't want to do that, but I could never imagine her letting anyone beating her at anything voluntarily, ever. Bob realizes he is in a precarious situation. Jackie tells us that she and Dan wanted to be on Bob's team without a doubt. Roger says that it's like elementary school -- you want to be picked first no matter who's picking you. Bob's first choice is Jackie and Dan. Dan is pleased. And then, it happens. Jillian blinks, and a single tear rolls down her face. You know she's trying to hold it together and pretend it's just an errant sweat bead.

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