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Surprise Escalator Challenge Changes The Game Forever

The challenge begins! The trainers instruct both Trent and Paul to get off of the escalators right away, because they have knee injuries. And really, this challenge looks somewhat hellish. After three minutes, Kelly is out, followed shortly thereafter by Jenn. After five minutes, Jackie's out, followed by Roger at eight minutes. There are three Blues and three Blacks. Maggie is struggling, and at ten minutes is out. Bernie makes a valiant effort, but is also out a few minutes later. This means it's Brittany against three Blue Team members -- Dan, Mark, and Jay. After twenty minutes Brittany takes a brief rest, then starts walking again. Close to the edge, she takes a jog up, but she's struggling. Eventually, she gives up. She cries, but the rest of her team gives her mad props for lasting 24 minutes. Jay thinks that the Blue Team is off to a good start. Brittany tells us that she hates going up against the very strong men, but she likes to give them a run for their money, and to let them know that they're not the only ones who can kick ass and take names. Jillian thinks that Brittany wanted to show Bob she was worth picking, which is why she was so crushed when she didn't win. She didn't win the challenge, says Jillian, but she won Jillian's heart. Does this mean that Jillian will love me if I walk up an escalator for 25 minutes? Eh, I'd try, but I'm kind of tired and hungry and really enjoying sitting on my couch. Plus, all the people trying to go down a floor at my local mall might get kind of annoyed. Jackie, meanwhile, is really proud that Dan endured the whole time. It's a new side of him that she's never been able to bring out.

With the new two-team system, the competition has been ratcheted up. None of the Blue Team members have ever been below the yellow line, which they think is a pretty good sign. They seem a little cocky, but Jay acknowledges that you never know what's going to happen, and they still have to get in the gym and do their work. They also know that Jillian is a force, and tends to pull it out of the bag when you didn't even know there WAS a bag to begin with. Jillian tells her team that she knows they're at least in part feeling rejected by Bob, but everything happens for a reason. Bob's not a perfect person. There's many things he wishes he didn't do. But he continues learning. He never meant to do those things to Boo...ernie. Nonetheless, Bernie has something to prove, and how. Bob tells the Blue Team that there is strength in numbers -- both weigh-in numbers and team numbers. He's ready to hunker down and work it out. Jillian, meanwhile, is ready to continue dealing with their issues. She says that to her, nothing has changed. Brittany acknowledges that she's worried about the weigh-in.

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