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Surprise Escalator Challenge Changes The Game Forever

Bob wants his team to do some yoga. He says you're only as old as your spine is flexible. That's an adage for the ages. And then he says, "I want to be able to get my guys doing something like yoga because they're exploring their bodies all over again." So THAT'S Bob's secret for extra nighttime, under-the-covers calorie-burning. While Bob has his team clearing their minds, Jillian has her team punching stuff. Meanwhile, Bob's team reaches their legs up toward the sky. As it turns out, Trent is a natural yogi. He digs it. Bob loves him even more, and can see the athlete inside him. Jillian continues the punching instruction, so that if her team loses the weigh-in they can at least inflict some damage on the Blues. Hope you weren't too attached to that nose, Jay. Bernie still really, really has something to prove. He pops up on screen every four minutes just to remind us.

And then! Temptation challenge. There is lots and lots of soda. Oooh, including Mountain Dew. I'd know that sweet fluorescent yellow-green nectar anywhere. It's a tall order to make a person want to drink something that looks like toxic waste, so bravo, Dew. Dan tells us he was a big soda junkie, and once even drank 20 glasses of soda when he was out to eat. Sami lets us know that one can of cola has 40 grams of sugar in it. Seriously, that shit is disgusting when you think about it. I mean, delicious, don't get me wrong. But narsty. The average person drinks 577 cans of soda a year, which is about 50 pounds of sugar or 25 pounds of weight gain. Yikes. Sami dumps a big vat of sugar which represents all that they drank in a year. It's an avalanche of sugar. Sami gets it all over herself and is grossed out. Here's to hoping they make her dump a giant vat of human fat somewhere down the road.

In any case, there are 240 little cups of soda on the table. One of the cups has a star on the bottom. Whoever finds the star gets to pick one player from the other team and make their weight not count at the next weigh-in. Ooooooh. That is a good prize. Of course, to play, you'll have to drink the soda in the cup. If you don't have a star on the bottom, you get the pleasure of learning how many calories you just drank. Cruelty. The teams have a minute to strategize. Blue decides to see what the Black Team does. A few Black Team members are definitely willing to drink, and think that winning the prize is important. However, when Sami yells, "Go!", both teams stand absolutely still. They're playing the waiting game. Sami offers to sweeten the pot by telling them that the star is not in a cup of orange soda -- this reduces the number of possibilities by 50. Maggie tries to talk her down, and it works! Sami is prepared to make one final offer. It's not in the grape soda either. Jackie mumbles, "Oooh, it might be root beer!" Methinks she wants some root beer. Jenn sees Maggie rocking back and forth, and knows she's tempted. Sami gives them one final shot. With one second left, Brittany approaches the table, but then quickly turns back. She was just joking. Sami shows the teams that the cup with the star was in the first row, then congratulates them on their willpower.

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