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Surprise Game-Changing Twist in Last Episode Before Live Finale

The skinnies suit up and get all PTSD about it for a minute before they start running. Or trying to run. They're carrying between 80 and 130 pounds of extra weight. That's heavy. Mark of course takes the lead. Roger seems like he might have a heart attack, but still hits the fat-suit-shedding station right behind Mark. There is running with flags. It's like the color guard, marching to "Suspenseful Challenge Suite." Mark wins, like he always does. He's sweating so much he actually looks like he's crying, and makes an inspirational speech just for the fun of it. Roger comes in second, and Mark molests him with a big bear hug. Ali is next, and Kelly makes it last. Everyone goes in for a group hug. Awww. Mark is excited for the vacation that he'll eventually be able to take with his family, and also notes that the delivered healthy meals are going to give him a huge advantage for the finale. You know that it's just Subway delivery. Mark is the new Jared! Everyone does a pride on three. Will it never end?

Later on, Roger and Mark are hanging out in the kitchen when they are greeted by another old friend -- Bob! I'm very excited, mostly because this means we'll soon see Jillian, too. It has been killing Bob not to be there for the final week, and Mark tells him that it's been lonely without him. Roger says it's a preview of home, where he won't have big Bob, but he'll have "Little Bob." Roger, some diminutives are meant to be kept between you and the poor woman who for mysterious reasons agreed to be your wife. Roger is certain that he's going to beat season four Neil's record for most weight lost. He predicts that he's going to lose the fifteen pounds he needs to break the record. He is a crazy mofo, but he just might do it.

Jillian surprises Ali and Kelly, who give her a huge hug. Kelly says the weight of the world came off of her shoulders to know that they're not on their own anymore. However, the girls are stressed because the boys are primed for big numbers. Jillian, who seems to have left her awesome hair back with the wallabies, tells them that they're on track for some big numbers, too. She says that they need to give it everything they can. Ali professes her love and adoration for Jillian, and is glad to have her back. All the contestants have one more day before the weigh-ins.

And then, weirdness. Mark and Bob talk on a secluded roadway, and Mark is apparently very upset. He tells Bob that he's beat. Oh, and he's crying again. Good lord! Apparently, Mark is having an emotional breakdown. It was tough for him to lose Jay, and he tells Bob that he can't handle it any longer. Bob tells Mark that he can handle anything, and explains to us that he needs to get Mark to calm down and focus on the big picture. Eh, just throw the bastard into an upward dog. Seriously, though, I imagine that losing that much weight must throw the body and emotions and hormones and everything into full chaos, and make you feel kind of crazy. Plus, he's probably really, really hungry. Give the dude a Twizzler and in 10 minutes he'll be all set to run up another mountain or set of stadium stairs. And then make him an appointment with Jillian's mom.

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