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Surprise Game-Changing Twist in Last Episode Before Live Finale

The contestants and their trainers all meet with Sami, who tells them that their final weigh-in is coming up and gives them kudos. Tonight, Sami has a special surprise for everyone, which she hopes will help them reflect on their journey and help motivate them for tomorrow's weigh-in. Ali points out that Sami's surprises are usually kind of crappy, like a dollar buried in 20 pounds of lard or some shit. She bids them good night.

Bob and Roger go into a room with a flat screen TV, upon which plays his and Trent's entry interview and highlights from throughout the season. They started as the heaviest team there. Roger cries when he meets with the doctor, and when he talks to his kid on the phone, and when he votes off Trent. And when he watches this montage! He mouths along the words, "One, two, three pride!" as he watches a clip of himself leading pride on three. Roger breaks the 100 pounds mark. He learns that the severity of his disease has been cut in half. I can't remember which disease, but I'm sure it was a bad one. He gets a makeover form Tim Gunn and is excited for his wife to finally get the opportunity to bang a hottie. No, she isn't having an affair. He's the hottie! Him! He...oh, never mind. Bob is proud of Roger. Roger says that he's not the smartest, fastest, or strongest, but it takes a lot to outwork him. And even though I haven't always been the biggest Roger fan, he's accomplished a lot, so good on him.

Kelly is next to get a montage, which she watches with Jillian. We see Kelly and Paul's entry interview, with Kelly talking about how she was always heavy, even in school, and had to bribe someone to take her to prom. She realizes she's the heaviest woman of all the contestants and cries, then tells us that she wants her outside to reflect the good looking woman she is on the inside, then scores big numbers, then says goodbye to Paul, then gets made over by Tim Gunn and looks hot and should go back to straightening her hair immediately. Her entry interview says that she wants to be feminine and look like a girl. Can we PLEASE get her on What Not to Wear? PLEASE? It would be the best. Kelly cries when she sees her mom on the montage. Just like I cried when I saw her mom! Jillian is totally bawling, too. She tells Kelly that in week two, she thought she was going to go. But Kelly made it through that, and has managed to achieve and accomplish an incredible amount. Jillian thinks there's something bigger than the two of them at work. Paul? You know he's still bigger than the two of them combined.

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