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Surprise Getaway

And then, it's time to leave Jamaica. Before they go, however, Bob gives his team some advice about eating and air travel. He basically tells them to take their own snacks, and touts the Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs. That is some kind of a product endorsement right there. I thought he was going to tell them to pack some baby carrots or something. On the plane home, the contestants' anxieties surface. Neil says that the trip taught him a valuable lesson, which is that just because you're away from campus doesn't mean that the fight's over. Isabeau tells the rest of the Black Team that it was hard to be away from the routine, but that it might be good to mix things up a little bit. Julie hopes that the members of the Black team win the weigh-in and prove that they were the people who should have been chosen in the first place. God, they're never going to get over that, are they?

And then, weigh-in time! Sami looks like she has a couple of 100 Calorie Packs hidden somewhere deep in the recesses of her hair. For God's sake, show, get this woman a stylist. Sami asks if anyone found Jamaica challenging, and Jillian immediately answers in the affirmative. She says that she didn't understand, and that this wasn't a vacation, and that there's plenty of time to play when the show is over. She says that she weighed the gravity of the situation, and would much rather keep her people than have fun there. She's a really good trainer. Jillian tells us that she has one job to do, and that's to get her team through weigh-ins. She says tha tit's been a real struggle, and that it's discouraging that she wants it more than they do. Bob agrees that the bar was a challenge, because in the real world, everyone could have a couple of drinks if they wanted to. But, given the situation they're in, he told his team not to think about having even one drink. He interviews that one drink isn't going to kill you, but in The Biggest Loser world, every minute of every day counts.

And then there's Kim. She snidely says that if one little sip of alcohol is going to put such a damper on everything, she doesn't think it's worth the anxiety and the stress. She told her team that they're adults and know what their focus is, and that if they wanted to drink they could, but that they should know that they'd be up at 5:45 AM working out. Jillian kind of looks disgusted. She interviews that they're doing a job and that the contestants have the rest of their lives to get drunk. When I'm feeling blue, I think I'm going to use "I have the rest of my life to get drunk" as a mantra to cheer me up. It just sounds so hopeful. Jillian goes on: "Show some discipline. Set an example, for God's sake." I don't know if she was actually talking about Kim, since the interview was filmed in Jamaica before the weigh-in. Don't get me wrong, I like to believe she was talking about Kim, but I'm skeptical. I do, however, suddenly feel guilty that I just had two glasses of wine, half a pizza, and a cupcake while watching this show.

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