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Tensions Run High As This Week's Challenge Causes Rifts Among Players

And then it's challenge time! This one involves strategy and game play. Alison, who I'm going to have to start calling "Sami" again in honor of the name of her character on Days of Our Lives, lets the teams know that today's challenge is going to test any alliances that have been formed. Dan interviews that Team Orange has been making friends and trying to stay on everyone's good side, but they do know that there's a team or two they're not so fond of. We get a long look at Mark and Jay, who are creepy even when just standing and listening. The rules are as such: when Alison says go, one member of each team must race through a giant water puddle and grab a medicine ball on the other side. Then they will race back and put the ball in another team's rack. Yes, Alison just told us that the goal of this challenge is to put a ball in another team's rack. This bodes well for Brittany, whose rack is unparalleled. Sami tells the contestants that they can gang up on one team, or spread their balls around. That's some much-needed medicine, indeed, of the Cinemax After Dark variety. When a rack fills up, the team is out of the game, and the running player has to stop -- this means no more balls in anyone's rack. The last team standing wins. On each team, one player will do the running, and the other player will help decide where to put the balls. The winning team gets immunity, which is pretty bad-ass.

Jay and Mark think that the other teams will be gunning for them from the start. However, they appear to make an ad-hoc alliance with the Pink and Gray Teams. Jackie for sure wants the Black Team out. The teams run through the water, and it is like a scene from the Serengeti. Jackie tells her minions that after Black is out, they have to go for Pink. From the rack down the street, Jay yells at Jackie to play her own game. That's what she's doing, dude. Jackie, who has a lot of balls in her rack in part due to some Black strategery, basically tells Jay to fuck off. The Orange Team is the first to be eliminated, which means that Dan has to stop fiddling with his balls and sit out. There's nothing luxurious about that. The White Team's rack is filled with balls next, which means they're done. Interesting. Basically, this tells us that everyone totally hates Neill. One ball from elimination, Jay tells a ball-wielding Bernie to take them out. Because of this, Mark goes ape-shit on Jay when he gets back to the Black rack. Turns out Jay wanted to spare the Pink Team from getting a ball, and figured the next ball was coming their way anyway. Mark yells at Jay never to do that again, and Jay apologizes. Brittany looks at them like they're creepy twins, which they are.

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