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Tensions Run High As This Week's Challenge Causes Rifts Among Players

The whole group gets together so Mark can mend some fences and mock-apologize. Jackie and Dan totally see this for the game it is. Their interview is hilarious, because Jackie does all the talking and Dan just makes the corresponding hand gestures and faces of disgust. It's like a really basic form of sign language. Jay jumps into Mark's mock apology by saying that it's their business and he's over it and brothers do this all the time and it's the way they deal with things. Yeah, look at the Menendezes. It's totally normal! Mark interviews that he's pissed that he had to apologize to Jay in front of everybody -- Jay is his brother, not theirs, and it's his and Jay's business only. Okay, he is kind of terrifying.

Then Jackie and Dan get into it a little with the Black Team about what Jay said to Jackie. Bette-Sue has to interject and note that Jackie made comments with the same type of energy and intensity -- everybody said something in the competitiveness of the moment. It is true that Jackie gave back what she got, plus ten. Bette-Sue is also super-pissed that the Orange Team was encouraging others to take out Team Pink, and doesn't seem to understand what the fact that they aligned with the Black Team has to do with it. Jackie says that it didn't bother them that people were gunning for their team -- they just wanted Jay and Mark out because they've won every prize. Mark then gets pissed about that, and everyone starts talking over each other, and it's like Thanksgiving dinner with my family all over again. Now I need Jillian to have an emotional intervention with me. My jokes are like my fat! They protect me. I have 132 pounds of jokes to lose between now and May sweeps.

More working out! Running through the pain! Pain is what makes your body change! Yes, into a puddle of bruises and broken bones. Everyone is doing sprint intervals. Neil puts his hands on the treadmill rails and Jillian catches him. She tells everybody that for every time Neill touches the treadmill, she's going to add five minutes to the workout. She dares him to touch it. And then with ten seconds left in a sprint, Neill puts his hands down. Aw, man, is he going to get it. Bette-Sue looks like she's going to cough up another hairball, and Jillian asks if she's going to die. Bette-Sue says that she is, and adds that Jillian will feel bad. Ha! Bette-Sue is a poor judge of character. Jillian replies, "No I won't. I'll be so proud, you'll be my first casualty." It's the little things that make me love her. She then asks Bette-Sue again if she's going to die. Bette-Sue says that she's gone way past her limits, and Jillian tells her that's the point -- now she knows how strong she is. Meanwhile, everyone is pissed at Neill as they prepare to go into their extra five minutes. He puts his hands down again while Jillian is looking elsewhere. Bastard.

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