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Tensions Run High As This Week's Challenge Causes Rifts Among Players

Weigh-ins! Paul says that he and Kelly worked harder this week, and she agrees that if they end up leaving, they'll know they did everything they could. Sami tells everyone that the biggest losers of the week will once again receive a handsome reward. And, as with the past two weeks, the eliminations will happen one hour after the weigh-ins. The Gray Team, which has immunity, is up first. Roger goes from 340 to 331 (-9), and Trent goes from 401 to 388 (-13). Trent is psyched to be below the 400 mark, and we learn that it's also Trent's anniversary. Roger jokes that Trent gets to sleep with him. The total poundage lost is 22, which is 2.97%. Bob says that, with immunity, they could have gotten up there and lost one pound. They're noble men.

The Orange Team is next, seeing if they can be the biggest losers for three weeks in a row. They do know for sure that they want to at the very least beat the Black Team. Jackie goes from 223 to 216 (-7); Dan goes from 277 to 265 (-12). That's 19 pounds total, or 3.8%. All the animated gesturing really burns excess calories! Team Purple is next. Jenn goes from 240 to 236 (- 4) and Maggie goes from 227 to 221 (-6). Jenn is frustrated, and Bob notes that for whatever reason the weight isn't coming off, and if they survive another week they are going to have to work harder than the hardest. They lost 10 pounds total, or 2.14%. The Black Team is next. Mark, whose petite man boobs are something to behold, goes from 261 to 249 (-12); Jay goes from 275 to 268 (-7). I guess anger doesn't make you retain water. They lost 19 pounds total, or 3.54%. Still not enough to trump Dan and Jackie! Yay. Jackie is thrilled.

Then it is time for the Pink Team. Ali goes from 212 to 206 (-6) and Bette-Sue goes from 239 to 231 (-8). It's 14 pounds, or 3.1%. And now that they've had their emotional breakthrough, the pounds will just melt away along with the tears. Blue team is next. Bernie goes from 261 to 248 (-13) and Brittany goes from 210 to 203 (-7). She's very excited to be close to 200. That's 20 pounds total for the Blues, or 4.25%. Wow! They rocket to the top and Team Orange is denied a threepeat. The White Team is next, and they have to lose at least 15 pounds to be safe. Neill points out that last week Amanda worked her ass off but lost no pounds. He's not sure if they can bounce back hard enough to be safe. Amanda goes from 190 to 185 (-5), and Neill goes from 298 to 292 (-6). Amanda looks frustrated. Jillian interviews that Neill is always moaning and bellyaching, so while other guys lose 14 pounds, Neill loses six. She's had about enough of him. Neill's emotional breakthrough was SO last week. Amanda interviews that Neill has never put up huge numbers like the rest of the guys, and that's where her disappointment comes from. This woman must be a saint at home, because I'm imagining Neill is exactly like this all the time. They lost 11 pounds total, which is 2.25%. It's enough to push Maggie and Jenn below the yellow line, and Amanda and Neill are right on the precipice.

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