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Back on campus, time for the phone calls. Filipe's talking to his wife. She's filled with giggles and says that he sounds different. He doesn't need his inhaler really anymore. Blaine misses his family; his wife is having a baby in two weeks. For him, this is a bigger prize than immunity. He's got a picture of his clan surrounding him while he calls. She was hoping he'd say he was coming home for the baby's birth, but that she's going to be okay. She doesn't want him to be distracted. God damn it. She's crying, he's crying, I'm crying. I don't even KNOW these people yet. He tells her she's amazing. Damn right she is. His room is DISGUSTING. It's a heap of clothes and an unmade bed. Do they not have a Biggest Loser maid on staff?

Mandi calls home. She misses her husband and kids. She thinks he doesn't understand why she's here, because she's got the confidence to do this. But he's proud that she's doing good. Shannon the flour thrower gets a call from her mom, but it sounds like she doesn't have any idea it's her. Um, there's cameras, what did she think? Shannon says her mom sounds different. Really? Is it that noticeable? She's the second person to say this.

Last chance workouts. Bob is gonna beat week two's ass down. Jillian is going to beat the crap out of her team and hope for the best. Those are her exact words. Blaine has to leg-press Dane, and vice versa. Dane says Jill is way scarier than any of his old football coaches. Joelle keeps apologizing for not doing the steps right. Bob doesn't understand what her damage is. He spends more time with her than anyone. Jerry is dragging Jillian around the gym. His knees give out, but he gets back up. Jill says he's got a lot of heart, just not the stamina of some of the younger kids. Kristin is running like hell on the treadmill and Joelle is plodding along. She looks at everyone out of breath and throwing up (Tara) and says going to those levels is hard for her. Does she think Tara WANTS to be puking her guts out in the corner? I hate Joelle now. She claims she's trying to fake it until she makes it. FAIL. I hate that phrase. She keeps hopping off the treadmills. Bob keeps yelling at her. He interviews that there are millions of people who want to get their asses kicked by him and Jillian (amen!) and they can work miracles, if people put in the work.

Dan's trying to bust it out so that he can get rid of that extra pound. He begs Jillian to speed up the treadmill. He starts sprinting, even. Good for him. Bob makes his team sprint, and everyone does, except Joelle. Bob uses the F word. Repeatedly. He loses his shit. It's the best thing ever. She says she's giving her best, but she's not, and he calls her the hell out. Jillian's team looks on in shock. His team looks on in shock. Bob freaks out forever, and it is amazing. He just wants a 30-second sprint. Jillian is over in the corner smiling. She's never seen Bob this angry. Bob takes a moment, then comes over and counts down to their 30-second sprint. Ooh... Joelle better bring it. He's watching her like a hawk. She doesn't make it the whole time; she grabs onto the bars with five seconds left. Her team, who is about to die after doing these 6.5-mile-an-hour sprints over and over again begs her to do it for them, if not for herself. Bob and Joelle scream at each other some more. She can't physically do it. But everyone else can -- and has, like, five times now. Bob tells her again to shut the fuck up, and the cameras pan to Jillian and Tara (who is still working out) laughing like crazy on the other side of the gym. Does laughing while working out burn more or less calories than singing? Maybe Bob can get back to me on that one when his head doesn't look like it is going to explode. They do it again. Joelle finally gets it right. But she looks ALL kinds of pissed.

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