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Jillian is losing one of her team members, and Bob wishes that it was one of his. They've got an hour to mull things over. They both have good reasons to be there. Jerry needs the medical attention. Dan has never been thin and won't be able to do it alone. Ron gives a touching speech about how he can really relate to Dan's situation, and thinks that he needs to stay more.

At the elimination room. Kristin says they are both inspiring, but she votes to send Jerry home. She cries. They hug. Filipe says he was all mixed up because he loves them both, he based it on his very large gut feeling. He voted for Jerry. They share a head nod. Damien wants to see Daniel grow old, so he votes to send home Jerry. Jerry says he's at peace. Tara said she picked who had support at home to do it. So she picked Jerry. She's crying and sorry. He's okay with it and tells her not to be sorry. Sami says if he gets one more vote, he's going. He nods and says to get it done. He's holding on to Dan's shoulder in a very fatherly way the whole time. It's kinda sweet. Ron says Jerry has taught him a lot, but the brown team had to vote him out. Dan starts crying. Joelle sits in the corner with bitchface. Jerry will miss everyone, but he can see his grandkids. Sami tells him, with genuine sadness, that he's not the biggest loser. He says he's the biggest winner and Sami starts smiling. What a guy, that Jerry. He hugs everyone, though I don't see Joelle in the mix.

He is proud that he went from a hospital bed to walking 10 miles a day. He's excited to go home and make their lives better. He tells all the seniors to get out there and get going. Whoa! We see now Jerry, and he looks freaking amazing! Holy crap. He has no diabetes any more and no health issues. I'm astounded. Estella looks pretty foxy, too. She's below 200 pounds now. Jerry's lost 84 pounds already, and is aiming to lose nearly double that by the finale. INSANE. But after seeing these proof-positive photos, I think he might be able to do it. Go Jerry!

Next week, more Joelle/Carla drama!

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