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Let's Get Physical

He heads up to talk to Amy. She's in tears. Bob's simmering mad, but decides to try to be supportive. When he finds out that she put herself first, he's actually kind of understanding. He's proud that she is taking care of herself. He talks about Eric from Season 3. How he did a similar thing and won. Bob realizes that he might actually have a winner on his hands (for a change) and decides to join her on Amy Island. Wonder how Vicky will deal with that?

Sami arrives in a DeLorean and has crimped teased hair, acid washed torn jeans and she has on purple leather boots. It's all about the '80s. It was the decade that introduced the world to Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons (thanks so much for that, '80s!). She tells the teams they have to go upstairs and change into their hot retro wardrobe for an old-school workout. Good lord. This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen on this show. I do not need to see Heba in fishnets. And we're treated to pictures of what the contestants looked like back in the day.

Jillian says her '80s-clad Black Team looks amazing. She is lying. She introduces them to her friend Anthony, who is going to teach them breakdancing. They are maniacs, maniacs on the floor. Over in Blue Team land, Amy C. is anxious to check out Bob's short-shorts. And they are indeed short. And he teaches them step aerobics. Heba kinda almost cutely says she was worried something was going to fall out of Ed's shorts. Wait, am I kinda liking her this week? What the hell is happening to me? The Black Team continues to get so excited, but not in the awesome Jessie Spano way. Bob sits them down for a pow-wow. He's trying to be optimistic. Vicky sits and stares at Amy, then she continues to gripe about the infamous backstabbing in the interviews.

At the challenge, Sami is dressed in an atrocious hot pink outfit that words cannot describe, but Punky Brewster would have deemed it "too much." She tells them their '80s trivia knowledge is about to be put to the test. They stand under buckets of water that weigh equal to half their body weight. Heba says the Black Team is screwed since Coleen is so young and Renee was busy having kids. She's not even really bitchy about it, just kind of matter of fact. What the hell happened to Heba? Anyway, get the question right, put water in someone else's bucket, until people can't hold their buckets and get wet. The prize is these headset things for working out [insert product placement here] and Bob will record workouts. Amy wants this bad, since Bob is her favorite person on the planet. Hmm... okay. They'll also get to choose between $5,000 or a one pound penalty that they can slap on anyone. At this, vicious Vicky perks up and maniacally says she wants to win, and to give the penalty to "somebody." Gee. Wonder who? If she had a mustache, she'd be twirling it right now. Instead, she's practically salivating at the idea.

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