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Homeward Bound

At the ranch at night (they show a big overview of the pool.... which weirdly they never show anyone using) Michelle's upset about losing her mom. She's all teary-eyed. But she's glad to be there for the final week, even though she's depressed about being alone. Ed, Heba and Vicky are jumping up and down on the bed. Vicky says that the blue team is ecstatic. I'm surprised that bed survived their enthusiasm. Seriously, three people that weigh a combined 600 pounds? I need to find out who makes that indestructible bed frame and mattress and get one. Ed is grateful that his wife and Vicky saved his ass. Vicky says it is do or die week, and she's willing to do whatever it takes to make it to the finale. Like she hasn't been doing that all along? Does she have a plan to off Michelle?

The next morning Jillian sees her one lone remaining black team member and she gives her a big sad hug. She wants to hear all about what happened. Michelle said it was cold and routine. Jillian assures her that she isn't alone, she's got Jillian. Jillian goes into therapist mode and tells Michelle that while sometimes she'll have to do things on her own, she's never alone because she's got a solid support system. She wants Michelle to find and utilize her voice this week. She's got to really cope with being by herself, and it is going to be a tough week, since basically the blue team is a bunch of assholes that won't acknowledge her.

Bob is practically giddy to see his blue team in tact. He says they are gonna start playing HIS game. He compares Vicky to Ryan from Season 1. How so, you might wonder? Ryan was an excellent puppet master and totally won the game because of it. However, according to Bob he's put all the weight back on, because he didn't learn anything. Vicky says she's different; I'm not so convinced. He wants to know if she's learned anything about herself. Her answer, "Nope." Bob looks pissed off. She says that she doesn't know why she ate and got fat in the first place. She hasn't had a breakthrough like everyone else. He wants to know what is going to stop her from eating when she's stressed out. She has no answer. Fantastic. She's had three months to figure this out. Heba just looks on sadly.

At the gym, Jillian is pushing Michelle to the limit. Jillian's got to get Michelle to be above the yellow line. Michelle feels empowered being the only Black team member left. They show her working out her first day, and working out now. Which they then do for the blue team too. Vicky reflects on how much more in shape she is, and she feels like she can be the next Biggest Loser. Heba didn't think she could do it, but she's glad that she's in a better place. Ed couldn't move before, but now he's a "locked and stocked, organic-eating exercise machine."

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