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Homeward Bound

Jillian drags Michelle on a walk in the mountains, where her Biggest Loser journey began. She is so proud that she's a strong-willed person. She's living her life for her. Michelle thanks Jillian for everything. Jillian tells her that she's very special to her. I'm getting a little bit weepy. Thankfully Bob comes on with trainer tips. Eat egg whites.

The Blue Team arrives in the kitchen and Bob is cooking for them. Though they have to help. Vicky makes a sourpuss face. Bob's going to show them how he actually eats. Did you know that there's not a lot of calories in spices? Really? Bob calls Vicky out on the fact that she doesn't eat vegetables. She thinks her kids might know what broccoli is because they learned it in school. Bob and I say, "Come on!" at exactly the same time. She says that her kids won't even eat lettuce or mashed potatoes. Bob's ready to throw his hands up in the air. She makes them green beans, but only if they are smothered in bacon and onions. I bet she puts those little fried onion things on them. And she doesn't seem to understand why Bob is worried about what is going to happen to her when she leaves. She also wonders why he thinks Heba and Ed will be OK. For one, they've got each other. Secondly, Ed's a chef and he seems to understand this lower-fat, healthier way of cooking, as he demonstrated a few weeks ago when he cooked for Bob. She doesn't like broccoli, and she's not going to make her kids eat it. She makes a scrunched up face that I've come to know and hate. She's got no idea how she's going to convince her kids to eat better.

That night, Sami's in the living room. She's got a big cardboard box that says Special Delivery. She says she had some help putting this together. I can't help but stare at her stomach. She's really showing a lot now, it seems like it happened overnight. Michelle thinks it is a photo collage. Ed thought it was going to be cheesy snacks. There's a commercial break and a product placement that makes me feel guilty about drinking bottled water.

When we get back, the box is filled with clothes. It is what they used to wear. Vicky shows off her scrubs. She said that it took this show for her to see what a "strong, beautiful person" she is. This show has done nothing of the sort for me. It's shown me what a bitchy, ugly human being she is. She looks like a clown in her scrubs. Heba's pants hang off her. Bob's shirts don't look all that terrible, actually. I mean, they are loose, but not so big. Michelle looks like she has on a baby doll dress, but it used to be a snug shirt. Heba wants to burn the clothes, so they don't have a backup. Michelle keeps one dress, for sentimental reasons. They toss them into the fire pit, which is conveniently located in the backyard. Vicky vows never to go back to drawstring scrubs, it is elastic waists for her. Wow. That's such an improvement? She wants to know the next time she puts on a few pounds. Clearly, she's predicting her imminent failure. But they all pledge that they won't get fat again. It's like summer camp.

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