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Anyway, he's at -.8%. Vicky has made it to the finale, since there are two people below her. Vicky feels awesome. I am less than thrilled that she's going to be around. Michelle's up next. She's got to lose more than five pounds this week. Which is a lot, since she's kind of itty bitty right now (on the Biggest Loser relative scale), but Ali did it last year, so I've got my fingers crossed. Heba says that if Michelle falls below the yellow line, they are voting her off, period. But it doesn't matter because she fuckin' rocks it. She loses 9 pounds. Woo hoo! Heba's not happy. But Jillian is flipping out. Michelle's so joyous that she bounds off the stage to give her trainer a big hug, then runs back up to listen to Sami. Her smile couldn't possibly be any bigger. Jillian says that they haven't held anything back all season. Basically, no game play, just hard work and blood on the gym floor. I wouldn't want to be the cleaning crew. Michelle's lost 80 pounds and this week has a total percentage of 5.26%. Michelle and Vicky are guaranteed spots in the finale. Go Michelle, kick Vicky's non-vegetable eating ass.

As Sami sums things up and tells them that Vicky and Michelle have earned their spots in the finale, Jillian looks pleasantly surprised (she and her underdog black team always pull it out somehow) and Bob looks pretty annoyed. He didn't get his all-blue-finale dream. Too bad. So sad. It's up to the losers to decide if Ed or Heba's going home. I'm hoping that it is Ed. I think he probably does better at home. That's how he earned his return to this show in the first place. But wait. There's a curveball. Michelle hopes it doesn't harsh her good vibe buzz. America gets to make the decision on who goes home and who gets a ticket to the final three.

Sami tells Ed and Heba that they've got to go explain to America why they should keep them around. I've been liking Heba the Horrible a bit more lately, but that doesn't mean I want to get up and vote for her. And Ed, I just can't in good conscience vote for him. He GAINED weight this week. These girls are kickin' his ass. Ed gets on the screen and wants to plead his case... for his lovely wife Heba. Which totally corroborates Bob's theory about Ed throwing the game. Asshole. Apparently they had a chance to discuss this, or they thought about it beforehand, because in her inter-spliced segment, she says that he's happy to step aside so she can prove herself. Considering that she's lost more total pounds than he has, and she was thinner to begin with, I think she's already proved her point, but whatever. He insists he's not throwing away an opportunity. Unlikely. Heba's talking up how she's had to work harder than the other girls blah, blah, blah (same speech she gives every week). Ed wants it more for her than he wants it for himself. This kind of almost makes me want to vote for Ed, just because I'd hate to give him what he wanted.

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