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Homeward Bound

They all start driving home in their limos. Vicky can't wait to see her kid's faces. If it is anything like the welcome home that Brady got from their daughter, she's going to be disappointed. Maybe someone thought to get her off the swings this time. Michelle says it was totally worth all the pain. Vicky heads to her son's school, and he's excited to see her. Maybe she did get the memo about which kid would be actually excited to see a parent who'd been gone for three months. Ed and Heba have a whole bar full of people excited to see them. And balloons. Let the drinking commence! Lite beer all around! Michelle pulls up to a whole hell of a lot of hot pink (it's like an icky cotton-candy colored explosion) as her whole family is sporting matching shirts and screaming when they see her.

We're then shown clips from the start of the season, and Sami reminds us again that the finale is next week, and that we have to call to vote for Ed or Heba. The third finalist will be revealed during the first five minutes of the show, which I guess is their effort to convince fans to actually watch from the get-go instead of tuning in half way through.

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