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The Pressure Of Temptation

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The Pressure Of Temptation

The Red Team has to lose 16 pounds to trump the Black Team. Kim says she felt confident at first, but then remembered having that same feeling the past two weeks, and being foiled both times. David is up first. He was at 344 and now weighs 338, for a loss of six. He's pretty happy about it. Bryan is up next. He was previously at 325 and now weighs 321, for a loss of four pounds. Amy and Phil are yet to go, and have to lose more than six pounds to overtake the Blue Team. Amy is next. She was at 285 and now weighs 279, for a difference of six. And she was so stank last week! I guess plotting and scheming burns calories. There is a lot of celebrating on the Red Team, and Bob looks pretty bummed. Amy is really happy. The Red Team and the Blue Team are neck and neck. Phil only has to lose a pound to beat the Red Team, but he has to lose more than five pounds to beat the Black Team. Phil's previous weight was 372. His current weight is 363. He lost nine pounds! It must have been racing that eight-year-old that did it. This means the Red Team wins. They're really excited. Bryan says that everyone is going to be there for another week to live and learn with Kim. Some prize. But even though I was rooting for the Black Team, I'm glad that the Red Team chalked up a win. Kim says their win fired up the competitor in her. They have a 25-pound and 1.89% total loss.

Bob says that this was a punch in the stomach for his Blue Team, who might have been feeling a little invincible. It broke his heart. Patty is the biggest loser for the week, and would have been even without her three-pound pass. This means that she can't be sent home.

The Blue Team meets with Bob. Ryan says that the Blue Team did a secret vote in the morning to see who might go home, and Jerry was the one who was voted for. Jerry can't believe it. And neither can I! What kind of crap is that? Neil says that no one said the ballot was an end-all be-all, and Neil was supposed to lead a discussion, but Jerry slammed the door in his face. Jerry says that he believes in loyalty and respect. He might be from a different era, he says, and if the team doesn't change their minds, they're doomed. Maybe it all really is Jerry's fault, for picking this team of weak-ass punks. Bob asks Jerry who he thinks needs to go home. Jerry says Kae, because she has the least amount of weight to lose. That doesn't seem to be very nice either, as Kae works really hard. She says that she still has a lot of weight to lose, and doesn't think it should be a factor. The game play is really getting to this team, for sure.

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