Biggest Loser
The Pressure Of Temptation

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The Pressure Of Temptation

Jerry tells us that this has been a fantastic ride. He looks at what he's accomplished at his age, and he hopes that people who are his age will watch the show and know that it can be done. He really is pretty inspirational. He thanks the show for taking him to the next level, and says when he gets home now, an hour on the treadmill will be nothing. He tells us that the next time we see him, he'll be thinner and healthier, but the same happy-go-lucky Jerry that he's always been. And then, oh shit! Jerry is now at 209 pounds -- he's lost 88 so far. Go, Jerry! He says he doesn't care how old you are, you can still lose weight and be healthy. He actually looks a lot younger. We see him with his grandkids, and he says that losing all this weight, he hopes he can see them graduate from high school. It's quite the transformation, and you have to feel really happy for him.

Next week: Lots of twists and surprises! And the show is only an hour and a half long, thank God.

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