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The Secret Black Team Is Revealed!

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The Secret Black Team Is Revealed!

It's weigh-in time for the Black Team! They have to lose a total of 42 pounds. Hollie is up first. She was at 244 pounds. Her current weight is 242 pounds. Well, that sucks. Kim kind of smirks. Hollie says it felt like a lot more. Jez says he was anticipating a bigger number for her, and that brought home that the competition is going to be a lot closer than he thought. Isabeau is next. She was at 290. Her current weight is 285. Five pounds. That's respectable. Isabeau says that she's glad to see the other folks in the competition, and says she was thinking about them as she was hauling a thirty-five-pound sandbag up a hill. If only my true love said those words to me once in a while. Jez is next, and ready to do business. I think Jez might win, or at least be in the finals. He was at 329, and is now 320, for a nine-pound loss. That's 25 overall, and he feels pretty good about it. Julie is next, and says that there's some added pressure, since the Black Team feels like they have to prove that they have the right to be there. Julie was previously at 216, and is now 213. Three pounds. She's trying not to get down, but thinks that five pounds total is a little pathetic. Well at least she doesn't have a polycystic ovary! Oh, wait. Twins Bill and Jim need to lose more than three pounds between them to beat the Red Team. Oh, they totally have this. Bill was previously 313. His current weight is 301, for a loss of 12. Go Bill! Jillian yells, "I love you, man!" Kim reluctantly accepts her fate. I accept it with glee. The Blue Team is still ahead, and Jim will have to lose more than 11 pounds this week to beat them. Jim was at 350. He is now at 334! YEAH!!!!!!! Sixteen pounds, baby! Jillian can't even believe it. The Black Team feels so good right now, which I love. They lost 47 pounds total this week, and are now in first place.

It is the time of reckoning for the Red Team. Lezlye notes that they got crushed. Bryan is the biggest loser for the Red Team at six pounds, so he can't be eliminated. Cowboy Dave and Phil talk about who to eliminate. Phil doesn't know if it should be based on attitude or weight. E.g., Amy has a stank attitude. Dave says the toughest part for him of this whole thing is the game play. He's soft-hearted, and he wants to see everyone achieve their goals. A conscience is so novel on reality TV, isn't it? Amy talks to Dave about Phil being a threat. She says if he's thinking of himself in the game, Phil would be an immediate option for elimination. Amy also says that if Dave is thinking about a strong team, she's the obvious choice, because she weighs more than Lezlye and thus has more to lose. Flashback to Amy and Lezlye's tenuous alliance. Oooh, Amy is stanker than we had previously believed! Poor Dave doesn't know what to do. He says his gut is pointing in a different direction than it was when he woke up this morning. Must be the turkey.

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